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Airing  on Saturday April 6, 2013 2pm & 3 pm

Folk Alliance Toronto and Give Aways

For this first time in 22 years, the planned fund drive for WJFF was cancelled
I am still offering some tickets and cds* however
Karine Polwart        Daisy    3:30    Threshold -
James Gordon        We're The Ninety-Nine    3:34    Coyote's Calling - borealis
Stephen Fearing        Just To Be With You    3:52    Between Hurricanes -
Mary Jane Lamond    Mary Jane Lamond/WendyMacIsaac    Keeping Up With Calum    3:03    Seinn -
Sam Carter    Sam Carter    Dreams Are Made Of Money    3:28    The No Testament -
Pharis & Jason Romero        Out On the Western Plains    2:46    A Passing Glimpse- Lula Records
Kait Lawson        Take Your Charge    4:04    *Until We Drown - madjack records
Erin Thomas    Erin Thomas    If You Were Mine    3:01    *You Don't Know Me-
Seth Glier    Seth Glier    Plastic Soldiers    4:45   * Things I Should Let You Know - Mpress records
Thom Chacon        Juarez, Mexico    3:41   * Thom Chacon - Pie Records
Amy Speace - Inviting listeners to Honesdale's Cooperage  April 14th    0:06   
Amy Speace        Weight Of The World    5:15    GOT TO GET A Message To You,,,, 'cause WE Care

Jay Mankita        I am A Dolphin    5:36    Jay Mankita
   Ellis promo! :)  for the cooperage May 4  0:33    Voice Memos
Ellis        Right On Time    4:08    Right On Time
Sarah Underhill    Tune: Roy Harris/Lyrics: L. Wheatcroft    Bonelace Weaver    2:43    Strange Sweethearts

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