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Airing  on Saturday April 27, 2013 2pm & 3 pm
Airing  Thursday April 25, 2013 on

Ritchie Havens passed away April 22, 2013 Earth Day this year
Woodstock Experience        Richie havens talks about Woodstock    2:02

Margaret Thatcher passed away April 8, 2013      
Deborah Holland        Pinochet And Margaret Thatcher    2:02    The Book of Survival - gadfly   

John Wort Hannam        Great Lakes    3:53    Brambles And Thorns    Country & Folk
Elaine Mahon    Elaine Mahon    Spring    3:05    Nerfa Demo    Singer/Songwriter
Carey Creed    Wendy Waldman donny lowery    You Plant Your Fields    3:53    Small Braveries- azalea city recordings   
Lew London        Swingtime in Springtime    1:46    Swingtime in Springtime - EM Records remastered    Jazz
The Bills        The Plant Song    3:56    Yes Please - red house   
Emma's Revolution        Silent Spring    3:40    One X 1,000,000 = Change- Big W Productions    SonnyWomenShow
Ellis Paul        Rachel Carson    3:54    The Hero In You - black wolf   
Sloan Wainwright        Falling Backwards    3:37    The Song Inside- Farkie Music   
Sloan Wainwright        Folk Plus ID    0:16       
Amy Soucy and Sharon Goldman        Cool Morning    3:38       
Ana´s Mitchell & Jefferson Hamer        Clyde Waters (Child 216)    5:51    Child Ballads - - wilderland rec.   
Lauren Sheehan        I Wish I Could Shimmy Like My Sister Kate    2:40    Light Still Burns    Country & Folk
Laura Smith        I Built A Boat    2:43    Everything Is Moving - borealis   
        Lavin intro from her kitchen to "Christine's Refrigerator" video   1:34       
John Margolis & Don Rosler  - Christine's Refrigerator [ also you tube video by Christine Lavin]    5:35    

remembering Boston and other violent tragedies   
Kitty Donohoe        There are No Words    4:45 fading out early.....     from the first release as a single   

ELLIS coming to the cooperage May 4th, 2013
Christine Lavin coming June 8th 2013

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