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Humor with Sonny Ochs
includes some of the following choices:

Lois Morton        The Diet Is Cast    5:00    As I See It
Grit Laskin        Soft And Round    3:22    A Few Simple Words
Honor Finnegan        Life Is Short    3:13    The Tiny Life
Les Barker        Spot the zebra    2:22    Arovertherapy
Artisan    Brian Bedford    Unnecessary Toil    3:11    Breathing Space
Charlie King        Thank You Anita    3:34    Vaguely Reminiscent/Somebody's Story
Phil Ochs    Phil Ochs    Ballad Of William Worthy    2:10    The Best of Broadside 1962–1988 [Disc 1]
Nancy White        Manly Band    2:35    Gaelic Envy and Other Torch Songs- Borealis
Moxy Früvous        You Will Go To The Moon    2:12    You Will Go To The Moon  Bottom Line
The Arrogant Worms    Chris Patterson/Mike McCormick/Trevor Strong    I Am Cow    2:02    Gift Wrapped: The Best Of the Arrogant Worms
Evans & Doherty        The Silly Slang Song (The English Language Song)    2:56    The World Is What You Make It
Disappear Fear        Draft Dodger Rag    2:33    Get Your Phil
Gary Kanter        Drill, Baby, Drill    4:28    Goodbye, Dr. Laura
Tom Lehrer        Hunting    1:19   
Faith Petric        The Highway Hunter    2:43    When Did We Have Sauerkraut? A Collection Of Extraordinary And Outrageous Songs
The Limeliters        Generic Up-Tempo Folk Song    2:20    Until We Get It Right!
The Limeliters        Folk Rap    1:17    Until We Get It Right!
Kingston Trio        16 The Merry Minuet    2:04   
John Flynn        Minnie Lou    3:26    Dragon
Patrick Sky        09 Causes    3:16    Broadside
David Roth        Long White Car    3:56    Another Side of David Roth
Christopher Brown        Keep That Casket Closed    2:43    Characterist
Mike Agranoff        Railroad Bill    4:03    ...Or Would You Rather Get A Job?
Berrymans        05 The Dupsha Dove    2:50   
C Daniel Boling        08 I'd Rather Elect Tina Fey    2:40   
Nancy Tucker        07 Steamroller    2:33   
Mike Cross    Unknown    Directions    2:20    Best of the Funny Stuff - Crème de la Cross
Tamarack        Teamwork    2:49    Fields Of Rock & Snow
Tom Chapin & John Forster        Calling All Dummies    3:16    Broadsides
Trout Fishing In America    Keith & Beth Grimwood/Ezra Idlet    Day Care Blues    4:24    Big Trouble - Trout Music
Cosy Sheridan        Barbie    1:58    The Pomegranate Seed - Wind River
Austin Lounge Lizards        Stupid Song About Texas    3:50    Texas Songwriters (Recorded Live At Kerrville)
The Capitol Steps        Aristocrats From The Cradle    1:52    Springtime For Liberals
Phil Ochs        Talking Vietnam    3:37    All The News That's Fit To Sing
Cheryl Wheeler        YourGodwithoutSHIT    2:18   
Christine Lavin        Star-Spangled bill of rights    1:13    Live
Cosy Sheridan        5 All Terrain  Vehicle    1:34    FP Cars

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