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THEME - Fathers

Alan Alda & Marlo Thomas    Mary Rodgers    William's Doll    3:17    Free To Be...You And Me
Teresa Doyle        Dance To Your Daddy    2:24    Dance To Your Daddy
Richard Shindell        I Saw My Youth Today    3:21    Reunion Hill- Shanachie '97
Rod MacDonald    Rod MacDonald    I'm Your Dad    4:23    A Tale of Two Americas- wind river
Mark Weigle        From Your Kid    2:55    The Truth Is -
Johnsmith        That's My Dad    3:57    To The Four Directions
The Smith Sisters    Debi Smith    My Father Was a Quiet Man    4:35    A Canary's Song - Live
Carrie Newcomer    Jason Wilber    My Father's Only Son    3:47    My Father's Only Son
Suzzy Roche        Crash    4:12    Holy Smokes - red house
Ellen Bukstel        Daddy's Little Girl    4:01    Daddy's Little Girl
Iris DeMent        No Time To Cry    6:49    My Life - warner bros
Catie Curtis    Catie Curtis    Dad's Yard    4:24    Truth From Lies- guardian
Stan Rogers        Working Joe    3:25    Northwest Passage- Fogarty's Cove
Morgan Hardy        father's day draft two    2:04   

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