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THEMEOchs and Hardy sing about people
Sonny Ochs shares hosting as she speaks about her brother's songs that highlight people that interested him

Phil Ochs    Phil Ochs    Ballad Of William Worthy    2:10    The Best of Broadside 19621988 [Disc 1]
Phil Ochs        Lou Marsh    2:45    May 8 1963
Phil Ochs    Phil Ochs/Unknown    Paul Crump    3:19    The Early Years
Phil Ochs    Phil Ochs/Unknown    Davey Moore    3:04    The Early Years
Phil Ochs        Ballad Of Oxford (Jimmy Meredith)    2:52    A Toast To Those Who Are Gone
Phil Ochs    Phil Ochs/Unknown    Ballad Of Medgar Evers    2:45    The Early Years
Phil Ochs        Ballad Of Billie Sol    2:24    A Toast To Those Who Are Gone
        Phil Ochs - Ballad of Alferd Packer    2:13   

Jack was the last person to open for Phil. IT was at Folk City.  He said that Phil kept saying it would be his last show.
Jack Hardy        Aint I Woman  about Sojourner Truth 3:24   
Jack Hardy    Jack Hardy    Wheelbarrow Johnny about a relative   7:37    Landmark
Jack Hardy    Jack Hardy    An Beal Bocht (Bonus Track) about Clarence Mangan   6:42    Landmark
David Massengill        David Massengill speaks about Jack Hardy    6:53   
Jack Hardy        WIllie Goggin's hat about Willie Goggin of Dublin and his advice  3:34   

David Massengill is leading a song night of Jack's songs, in Callicoon NY June 29th. OTher artists to be announced later.  

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