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Airing  on Saturday 2pm August 10 2013
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Falcon Ridge last week, Brother Sun locally this week:

  Susan Werner        City Kids    2:35    Hayseed - thirty tigers   
Ari & Mia        Starry Crown    3:10    Land On Shore   
Brother Sun - Joe jencks        Joe Jencks FP ID    0:05       
Brother Sun    Joe Jencks    Lady Of The Harbor    4:43    Some Part Of The Truth - brothersonmusic   
Roy Book Binder        Electric Cigarette Blues    2:34    The Good Book pegleg rec.   
Genticorum    (La Boidue)    La Valse Turluttee    4:27    Enregistré Live -   
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper        Ponzi Scheme    2:29    The Comeback Album - red beet rec.   
Kat Goldman        The Great Disappearing Act    4:07    The Great Disappearing Act   
Susan Werner        Herbicides    2:26    Hayseed - thirty tigers   
        Greg Greenway FP ID    0:06       
Brother Sun    Mose Allison    Everybody's Cryin' Mercy    2:54    Some Part Of The Truth - brothersonmusic   
Christine Lavin    Christine Lavin    Wind Chimes    4:14    I Was In Love With A Difficult Man - redwing music   
David Roth        You Think You've Got Problems    3:26    Big League Babe - Christine Lavin Tribute- Prime CD   
Mike Agranoff    Lyrics By Mike Agranoff, Music By Richard Rodgers    My Favorite Diseases    2:35    Ain't Never Been Plugged - 2007   
Carla Ulbrich        I Have To Kill You Now    3:31    Professional Smart Aleck   
Townes Van Zandt        Pancho And Lefty    3:41    Singer Songwriter    Country & Folk
The Boxcar Lilies        If I Needed You    3:46    Sugar Shack -   
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper        Boxcars    3:33    The Comeback Album - red beet rec.   

Open Mikes in the area

Antoine runs a thursday night open mike at the dancing cat in bethel

Kevin McDanial runs a monday night open mike at Frankie and Johnies, 7 - 10 pm

Cafe Devine in Callicoon runs an open mike every 4th friday

Tuesdays in Mongaup valley at river's edge there is an open mike

Catch live shows in our area at these venues:

CD Submissions: 45 Dwyer Ave, Liberty N.Y. 12754   @FOLKPLUSRADIO      FACEBOOK 
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