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Airing  on Saturday  August 24, 2013

A Guy 'n a Gal

Dana Robinson & Lui Collins        Loose The Ties    3:39    Paired Down Molly Gamblin music
Dave Carter & Tracy Grammer        Kate And The Ghost Of Lost Love    4:24    When I Go
The Honey Dewdrops        Let Me Sing    4:08    Silver Lining-
Robin & Linda Williams    Robin & Linda Williams    These Old Dark Hills    3:25    These Old Dark Hills- Red House
Burns & Kristy        If I Fly    4:28    Caravan-
Hardin Burns    Jeannie Burns/Andrew Hardin    Angels Waiting    4:06    Lounge-
Ian & Sylvia    Unknown    Changes    3:32    Best Of The Vanguard Years
The Sea The Sea [Mira Stanley Chuck E. Costa]        The Truth Sounds Different    3:42    The Sea The Sea
Molly Venter & Eben Pariser        Big Enough    3:11    Goodnight Moonshine -
The Barn Birds        Sundays Lovin' You    2:58    The Barn Birds - waterbug
The Copper Ponies [erik balkey, annie donahue]        Why Worry    2:55    Ring Them Bells
Jody Stecher & Kate Brislin    Iris DeMent    Our Town    5:30    Our Town - Rounder 93
Charlie King & Karen Brandow    Charlie King    Growing Up & Slowing Down    2:51    ... On The Journey-
Mike Seeger & Peggy Seeger        Big Bee Suck The Pumpkin Stem    2:02    Fly Down Little Bird
Pharis & Jason Romero        The Little Things Are Hardest In The End    3:22    Long Gone Out West Blues - Lula Records
Dana And Susan Robinson    Dana Robinson    Roscoe    2:25    American Hornpipe -

Open Mikes in the area

Antoine runs a thursday night open mike at the dancing cat in bethel

Kevin McDanial runs a monday night open mike at Frankie and Johnies, 7 - 10 pm

Cafe Devine in Callicoon runs an open mike every 4th friday

Tuesdays in Mongaup valley at river's edge there is an open mike

Coming August 31st, Randall Williams to River Folk Concert Series

Catch live shows in our area at these venues:

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