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Airing  on Saturday September 21, 2013
Sing Out V. 55 #3 Highlights

Carrie Rodriguez        Devil In Mind    4:02    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Brother Sun        Lady Of The Harbor    4:45    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Ani DiFranco With Ry Cooder And Dan Gellert    Martin Hoffman    Deportee    4:40    Woody Guthrie: At 100! (Live At The Kennedy Center) - Legacy recordings
Anna & Elizabeth        Old Kimball    3:08    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Kari Tauring        Fram Dansar Ein Haugkall    3:21    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Spiro        The City And The Stars    4:11    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Yves Lambert Trio        Les Corps De Métiers    3:39    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Dubl Handi        Shout Little Lula    2:31    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Lauren Sheehan        When Johnny Comes Marching Home / Johnny I Hardly Knew Ya    3:33    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Larry Penn        The Preacher's Whiskey Flask    3:49    Songs From Sing Out! V.55#3
Ellis Paul        The Ballad of Chris McCandless    5:03    The Speed of Trees
Claudia Nygaard        Let The Storm Roll In    4:13    Let The Storm Roll In -
Claudia is at the Cooperage tonight

Open Mikes in the area

Antoine runs a thursday night open mike at the dancing cat in bethel

Kevin McDanial runs a wednesday night open mike at Frankie and Johnies, 7 - 10 pm

Cafe Devine in Callicoon runs an open mike every 4th friday

Tuesdays in Mongaup valley at river's edge there is an open mike

Singer Songwriter Tuesdays happens at the Rosendale Cafe

Catch live shows in our area at these venues:

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