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Christmas Story Songs

Linus tells charlie brown about Christmas        Charlie Brown Christmas    1:51   
Béla Fleck & The Flecktones        Linus And Lucy    2:54    Jingle All the Way- Rounder
David Roche        No Room at the Inn    2:58    Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel V2.0- Yellow Tail Records
Nowell Sing We Clear        The Old Hark Hark    2:46    Bidding You Joy -
Mean Mary        DingDongDay (Christmas) - MeanMary    3:43   
Kevin Briody        Walnuts And Rice    3:25    Familiar
Dar Williams;Sean Watkins;Sara Watkins    Dar Williams    The Christians And The Pagans (Feat. Sara & Sean Watkins)    3:16    Many Great Companions
Robin & Linda Williams        Shotgun Shells On A Christmas Tree    3:34    The First Christmas Gift
Darryl Purpose    Darryl Purpose & Mary Sue Twohy    The Gift Of The Magi    4:34    The Gift Of The Magi
David Roth        Little Christmas Song    2:55    Christine Lavin Presents Just One Angel V2.0- Yellow Tail Records
Lori Lieberman        Daughters And Sons    3:25    Christine Lavin presents Just One Angel- Yellow Tail Records
Beth Wood        The Peace Carol    4:13    A Very Blue Rock Christmas
Arlon Bennett    Arlon Bennett    The Christmas Tree on Salem Street    3:55    World of Possibility - Red Sea Records
Station ID - Loretta Hagen        Loretta Hagen_WJFF_spot    0:20    Radio Spot
Loretta Hagen    Loretta Hagen    Santa If You're Listening    3:55    Mud And Stone -
James Gordon        There Is No Silent Night    3:34    Mining for Gold [Disc 2]
Stan Rogers        First Christmas    6:23    Between the Breaks…Live! (Remastered)-borealis
Callicoon Center Band        Angels we have heard on high [flute/bassoon]    1:47    Christmas Cheer

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