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Lucy Kaplansky        (What's So Funny 'Bout) Peace, Love And Understanding        3:19    Flesh And Bone- Red House   

Red Grammer        Listen        3:46    Teaching Peace - Red Note Records   

Katherine Wheatley        Rita        5:22    Habits And Heroes   

Acoustic Blender    Kenneth H. Moore, Arr. Hope Wesley Harrison    Live Peace!        1:43    Crazy Whirled -   

Charlie King & Karen Brandow      If You Want Peace        3:14    So Far So Good - Disc 1 - vaguely reminiscent sounds   

Emma's Revolution    Like Rachel Maddow and Jon Stewart with guitars. says Near    Peace, Salaam, Shalom        2:16    One X 1,000,000 = Change- Big W Productions   

Fruit        Peace        4:44    Aussie Croc Pot: Acoustic Music Showcase 2005 -

Rod MacDonald    Rod MacDonald    Peace        3:35    A Tale of Two Americas- wind river   

Valdy    Valdy    Hear Us Sing        3:23    Read Between The Lines    - written for 59th birthday of the United Nations.

Jim Duggan         14-06-21-11-31-JimDuggan-WorldPeace        1:53    Live from CLearwater 2014 festival

Utah Phillips        How To Live In Peace        1:04    I've Got To Know- AK Press Daemon Records   

Utah Phillips        Riding The Peace Train        3:38    I've Got To Know- AK Press Daemon Records
Utah Phillips        I've Got To Know        3:44    I've Got To Know    Country & Folk

Tom Paxton    Tom Paxton    Peace Will Come        2:18    Very Best of Tom Paxton- flying fish   

Sara Thomsen        Deep Peace        2:01    By Breath    Country & Folk
Eliza Gilkyson    Eliza Gilkyson    Peace Call        3:54    Land Of Milk And Honey- Red House   

Jean Ritchie And Friends        The Peace Round        2:17    Dear Jean: Artists Celebrate Jean Ritchie - compass   

Sam Baker    Sam Baker Liz Rose    Go In Peace        1:29    Say Grace -   

Sarah Jarosz        Peace        3:15    Follow Me Down    Americana   


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 (3:19) Lucy Kaplansky "[What's so funny about] Peace Love and Understanding" from "Flesh And Bones" on Red House
 (3:46) Red Grammer "listen" from "Teaching Peace" on Red Note
 (5:22) Katherine Wheatley "rita" from "Habits and Heroes" on Katherine Wheatley
 (1:43) Acoustic Blender "Live Peace!" from "Crazy Whirled" on Acoustic Blender
 (3:14) Charlie King & Karen Brandow "If You Want Peace (work for Justice)" from "So Far So Good" on Vaguely Reminiscent Sounds
 (2:16) Emma's Revoluttioin "Peace Salaam, Shalom" from "one x 1,000,000 - change" on Big W Productions
 (4:44) Fruit "peace" from "Aussie Croc Pot"
 (3:37) Rod MacDonald "peace" from "A Tale of Two Americas" on blue flute music
 (3:23) Valdy "Hear Us Sing" from "read Between the Lines" on Rack-On-Tour
 (1:04) Utah Phillips "How to Live in Peace" from "I've Got To Know" on AK Press
 (3:38) Utah Phillips "Riding the Peace Train" from "I've Got To Know" on AK Press
 (3:44) Utah Phillips "I've Got to Know" from "I've Got To Know" on AK Press
 (2:18) Tom Paxton "Peace Will Come--Tom Paxton" from "Very Best of Tom Paxton"
 (2:01) Sara Thomsen "Deep peace" from "By Breath" on Sara Thomsen
 (3:54) Eliza Gilkyson "Peace Call" from "Land of Milk and Honey" on Red House Records

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Kevin McDaniel runs an open mike at Frankie and Johnnies, 845 434 8051 in Hurleyville, NY 7 - 10 pm
Cafe Devine in Callicoon, NY runs an open mike every 4th friday
Tuesdays in Mongaup Valley at River's Edge there is an open mike

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