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June 20, 2015

~ Highlighting one wise line from each song ~

This setlist is a collection of songs where I highlight one strong line
from each song. A wise line worthy of thought.

This show aired June 20, 2015

"Sometimes we must sacrifice to earn our dignity"
James Keelaghan "Kiri's Piano" from "My Skies" on Tranquilla Music

"Whatever you lost be it a home a love a friend
like the Mary Ellen Carter - rise again"
Stan Rogers "The Mary Ellen Carter (Live)" from "Between the Breaks… Live!
(Remastered)" on Borealis Records

All the things that make a life worth living only come to those who dive
right in"
David Wilcox "Farthest Shore" from "Big Horizon" on a&m records

"Had a life that they tried to save, but the banks took it all away
Hung a sign on  a torn screen door, no one lives here no more"
David Francey "Torn Screen Door Introduction" from "First Set: Live from
Folk Alley" on Laker Music
David Francey "Torn Screen Door" from "First Set: Live from Folk Alley" on
Laker Music

"Hoping they'll understand the price that I paid"
Eileen McGann "Leaving This Nation" from "Turn it Around" on Dragonwing

"Most of my heroes never made a lot of money [and thats what I tell my
Hugh Blumenfeld "Mozart's Money" from "Mozart's Money"

"Which side are you on boys?"
Natalie Merchant "Which Side are You On?" from "The house Carpenter's

"There but for fortune go you or I"
Magpie "There but for Fortune" from "Give Light"

"History repeats itself so nice, Consistently we are resistant to love"
Don Henry "Beautiful Fool" from "Wild in the Backyard"

"Will the silence be improved upon when I speak"
David Roth "Necessary True and Kind" from "So Far So Good"

"Here I go bound for freedom, may my truth take the lead
Not the preacher, not the congress, not the millionaire but me"
Pat Humphries "Bound for Freedom" from "hands" on Appleseed


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