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September 12
, 2021

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~ Songs on slowing down ~
Folk Plus airs Sundays at 4 pm on and also on Wednesday nights on
Songs on slowing down, being calm, not so worried and busy

John McCutcheonBucket List
Bucket ListAppalsongs
Lui CollinsThings to DoLui CollinsLeaving Fort KnoxMolly Gamblin Music
Charlie King & Karen BrandowGrowing Up & Slowing Down
On the JourneyVaguely Reminiscent Sounds
Ben TaddikenRelax (and Simplify)Ben TaddikenFlip Flop LogicBen Taddiken
Cosy SheridanI Won't Worry AnymoreCosy SheridanGRAND DESIGNWindriver/FolkEra
Karine PolwartDon't WorryKarine PolwartTracesHegri
Lois MortonI Like to Worry
What's New EPself
Acoustic BlenderA Question of Tempo
Crazy WhirledAcoustic Blender
Micah and Mark AtkinsonI Will Help You Lay Your Burden Down
Land of Broken AngelsMicah and Mark Atkinson
Red MollyLay Down Your Burden
The Red AlbumRed Molly
Faith Petrictake your time
faith's favoritesself
Nanci GriffithThings I Don't NeedThomm Jutz/Pat McInerney/Nanci GriffithThe Loving KindNew Rounder
Andrew LawrenceWe Ought To Get Together Sometimeandrew lawrenceSome Windowsself
James GordonAre you Busy?James GordonSunny JimBorealis Records
Michael McNevinBusy LifeMichael McNevinSecondhand StoryMudpuddle Music
Nancy TuckerWhy Im here in this worldJay Mankitatreasures from the atticself

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