Folk Plus's Annual Earth Day Special,  April 25, 1998

Today's show was a 3 1/2 hour special with area students reading their essays on the state of the Earth. What follows is a listing of
the 58 students and a line regarding their piece. Participants ranged from 6 to 15 years old. Throughout the program Earth related
songs were played from the repertoire of the talented folk world.

Note: Songs are numbered (Artist/Song/Album/Label/Contact).
Student's name preceeds exerpted quote.

1) Magpie   "We Belong To The Earth"
    Seed on the Prairie / Long Tail Records -PO Box 5467 Takoma Park, MD 20913
    "Its not that she belongs to us, its we belong to her"

- Michael Wagner "...only plastic with neck handles can be recycled"
- Jenifer Henkleman "I cleaned up Ravmah Park with my Girl Scout troop"
- Trina Norris "...clean up the earth...plant a tree if you cut one"
- Kelly Baker - ideas for cleaning up Sullivan Co. followed by a poem by Joyce Kilmer about trees.

2) Jim and Dave's Awesome Environmental Adventure / "Plant a Tree"
     A Golden Music Cassette /
     (A fun trip by bike with many relevant earth day songs. A worthwhile purchase!)
     "Plant a tree for the sake of our children"

- Caity Baker "...pick up trash!!"

3) Artisan / "NIMBY" / Our Back Yard /

- Warren Wuerthner "...people should not pollute because of the effect it has on nature."
- Sarah Doran   "Don't cover up garbage soil or else people...could get parasites"
- Matthew Barbanti   "Every time you breathe in air, you breathe pollution. Pollution, yuck!!!"
- Samantha Jardine   "Just imagine if Sullivan Co was never cleaned up. It's a great place to live..."

4) Rosenshontz / "Garbage" / Share It!   802 257 1237
    (Bill Staines' Tune)
    "We are filling up the world with garbage"

- Leila Zilles   Many great ideas like "pick up all that filthy trash...form a 'pick-up club'...pick up, then plant gardens"
- Ashley Meadows   "...make junk yards into gardens."
- Victoria Rodriquez   "...plant flowers - love the earth...I like Sullivan Co alot, you will like it too!"

5) Nina Ryne / "It's Our World, Let's Take Care of It" /
    It's Our World / Rhythm and Rhyne Records, PO Box 874 Pismo Beach CA, 93448
    "mighty mountains, tall strong trees"

- Kursten Abrams "Everyday and everybody shouild clean the earth."
- Nichole Gilbert   "Pollution is very bad for humans and all other life"
- Nichole's Mom    Reading quote from Blackfeet Chief

6) Carol Elliot / "Sequoyah" /
     The People I Meet /   Heartstrong Records
     "Words on paper don't make you own this land"

- Jason Feinstein   " in the lakes, I should know, I live on an lake."
- Shannon Hornbeck "Now there is [sic] not many elephants today"
- Antoinette Fuono "When there is an oil spill, alot of duks can die"

7) Howling at the Moon / "Dead Ducks" / Cassette
"Even if we have a million bucks, we're all gonna be dead ducks"

- Ciara Gaglio   "I'm worried about tigers"
- Jennifer Ognibene "We can make a difference"
- Sarah Manning  "Garbage is poluting our earth"

8) Jay Mankita / "Pledge Allegiance to the Earth" / Cassette
    "Until my life is gone I'll Pledge Allegiance to the Earth"

- Ashley Harris   "Burn garbage and use the ashes for Ash Wednesday"
- Ashley Swingle   "Make the world better for the next generation"
- Maria Perrelli    "Save Mother Naure, we will all be thankful"
- Jonathan Counts wrote to Congress about the killing of tigers
- Mackenzie Reynolds "People have been distroying parts of Sullivan County by polluting"
- Courtney Scott    "We should have a cleanup day 1 or 2 days a month"
- Cody Van Houten  "Get off your butts and get some exercise."
- Mellissa Brownhill  "Garbage is getting a little bad in Sullivan County"
- Sasha Brush   "People throw gum out the windows of cars and animals choke"
- Brittany Borstelmann "Dolphins are getting hurt and I DON'T like it!"

9) Jay Mankita / "I am Dolphin" / Cassette
    "How did I ever make it home, home, home Jumping in the foam,"

- Jack Parrow "Do not throw six can soda wrappers in the water..."
- Tiffany Saunders "Don't smoke because your lungs might get holes in them"
- Emily Kelts "I'm Emily the fish...cough..a six-pack is choking me!"
- Elizabeth Mahoney "Don't pollute because the road doesn't go on forever, and we have to live on it"
- Katrina Bowen "Acid's not fair!"
- Cheyenne Cali "Oh no, what's that guy doing with that chain saw?"

10) Jim and Dave / "Chop 'Em Down" / Awesome Adventure /
      "Would you rather have a tree or a big skyscrapper?"
      "Gee thats a tough one Dave"

- Charlie Edwards "I'm Charlie the Grizzly bear...I just got cut by a broken beer bottle!"
- Max Feffer   "Hi, I'm an eagle...I wish people wouldn't pollute"
- Bobby Fiedler  "Don't pollute the won;t be able to eat fish"
- Ryan Mickelson "I am a bluefish..I'm choking...(on) the oil..."
- Laura Hanratty   told an imagined story about Earth Day at the Radio Station
- Cara Del Favero told another imaginative Earth Day Radio Saga.
- Chris Cooper "why do you have to pay to throw garbage away?"

11) Lydia Adams Davis / "Time's running Out For Garbage" / Cassette /
      Three Feathers Music PO Box 162 Cornwall, NY 12518

- Ali Silver  "Polluting is NOT fun to do, it is also NOT good to do"
- Jamie Lake "My wish is that all kids of the world will help out"
- Britney Keator "If we keep polluting we will all be gone by the year 2,101, it's a sinentifect [sic] fact"
- Elana Ehrenburg "I would suggest that this year for earth day, you go to the festival"

12) Magpie / "Habitat" / Circle of Life / see contact info above
      "We affect the whole world with our bad habits"

- Jillian Haber, Victor Gluckan and Derrick Scott talked about the Envrionmental Club at Fallsburg High School and their
efforts to clean up Brian Ingber Park

13) Douglas Clegg / "Fate of the World" /
      Only Fool Predict the Weather / Clegg Yolk Music /
      "Do as I say, not as I do"

- Sara Morffi "Cutting down trees effects wildlife a whole lot"

14) Eileen McGann / "Requiem" /
      Turn It Around / Valerie Enterprises
      "sell our heritage to fill pockets for a day"

- David Venturini in a letter to Bill Clinton he protests motor boats and nets killing manatees.

15) Fred Small / "Hot Frogs On the Loose" /
      Fred Small in Concert / Flying Fish
      "slurping nuclear debris"

- Hillary Rampe "Cleaned up Walnut Mountain with her Girl Scout Troop"

16) Jim and Dave / "Your Backyard" / Cassette
      "If you dont want it in yours, nobody wants it in theirs"

17) Claudia Schmidt and Sally Rogers / "I had an Old Coat" /
       While We Live / Red House Records
       "With what was left, I wrote this song..."

- Errin Simpson wrote a dialog about meeting a friend to clean up.

18) Jay Mankita / "How 'bout Changing Your Mind" / Cassette
      "You change your motor oil...underpants...liners in your garbage cans, how 'bout changing your mind?"

- Taryn Lounsbury "Children should take pride in the county they live in"

19) Sally Rogers / "Don't Dump Your Junk" / Piggy Back Planet /
      River Round Records, 301 Jacobs St. Seeconk MA 02771
      "My back yard's full"

- Antonia McVicker "There's only one Sullivan Co, we have to take care of our lakes and streams"

20) Magpie / "Water" / Circle of Life / see above
      "Keep it clean for me and I'll keep it clean for you"

- Micheal Szachewicz "Make big cities stop dumping garbage into the ocean"
- May Meyers "We have the ability to love and care for animals, but also the ability to expliot them"

21) Magpie / "Swimming to the Other Side" / Seed on the Prairie / see above
       "We're all washed by the very same rain"

22) Sally Rogers / "Go Tell A Neighbor (The Recycle Song)" / Piggy Back (ibid)
      "Before you throw that garbage out, you can use it again"

- Marisa Bernthal "clean up your school and playground"

23) Jim and Dave / "Rolling in Green" / Cassette
      "Cash for Trash"

24) Cosy Sheridan / "Don't Go in the Water" / Grand Design / BWE Music
       "Now it's in the lettuce they bought in Chigago today"

25) Patty Larkin / "Metal Drums" / In the Square / Philo
      "The whole town's been poisoned for years"

26) Victoria Parks / "Im Going Solar" / Sure Feels Like Home / self  76217,
      "...just as soon as I can"

27) Bill Shontz / "Hole in the Ozone" / Animal Takes / Lightyear (800) 229-STORY
       "Call 911 these ultraviolet rays are killing me"

28) Jim and Dave / "Don't Go Near the Shore Today" / see above
       "Don't go near the shore it's not safe anymore"

29) Cheryl Wheeler / "The Rivers" / Mrs. P's Guitar / Philo
      "Now the rivers can poison us"

True story... no really zora... true....At this point I had a call about a lost tame deer, 125 lbs, eats out of your hand. last seen in
the White Sulpher area. With only a few minutes left and 20 songs to chose from, I went to....

30) Amy and Jennie / "3 legged doe" / Life Becomes Her /
      "New luxury homes coming soon"

31) Bird Sisters / "Carley's Song" / Different Stories /
      POBox 433 Guelph, Ontario Canada N1H 6K5
     "Just tell me this will all be here for her"

Next Year's Earth Day Show will be on April 24th