Folk Plus, January 9, 1999

Today's show highlighted the power of words - the written, the spoken and the unspoken word.  

We heard alot about words these past few months.  We've listened as people argued over what the meaning of "IS" is.  But we've learned how to argue more politely, thanks to our govenment.  

This first cut underlines this.

1. Smothers Brothers  "United Nations" - The Smother's Brothers Comedy Hour -Mercury Records 
"My brother made an unprovocative agression against me" - from an old record album from the 60's
Starting with the power of the written word in letters, etc.
2.  Laura Burns, Roger Rosen and Mark Dann  "Killkelly Ireland", Fast Folk Musical Magazine September '83 - Fast Folk  "The Song Project"  - tune by Peter Jones after finding a bunch of letters from Ireland. 
"I'm sorry I didn't write sooner to tell you that Father passed on..."
3. Mimi Farina "Letter to Jesus"  - Mimi Farina and Tom Jans - A&M Records 
"Last time I wrote a letter to Jesus, you know, He refused"
4. David Roth, email "A Fan Letter" - Another Side of David Roth - Live on "Bound for Glory" WVBR-FM Ithaca, NY
5. Cosy Sheridan, email "I'd Fall For You" - One Sure Thing - Waterbug Records 
"We've done plenty of damage, my letters and I"
6. Connie Kaldor "Love Letters" - Gentle of Heart - Coyote Entertainment, 6 Budgel Terrace, Toronto, Ontario, M6S 1B4 
"and when you write me you love me...I read that part over and over"
7. Chris and Meredith Thompson, email "The Letter" -  Wood and Stone - Alakali Records,POB 442138, Somerville MA, 02144
"I got a letter in the mail today"
Continuing with the written word...
8. Bar Scott, email "Write Me a Love Letter"  - Confession - JSR Records, POB 81 Glenford, NY, 12433 
"...tell me you love me..."
9. Laura Smith, or here "A Four Letter Word"  - Vanity Pressed - A Collection - Universal Music 
"I've got a four letter word for lonesome, since you've become a four letter word for away"
10. Dar Williams "If I Wrote You" - End of the Summer - Razor and Tie 
"I never thought you were the letter writing type"
11. Gary Winkler, email "These Times" - Stringtown Road - Encrypted Records 
" I'm writing you this letter, I hope it finds you well"
Station break to announce the weather and community closings.  If the library were not closed, that would be a great place to go and experience the written word.  
12. Arthur & Friends "Library Card"  - The First Almost Real Not Live CD - Rounder Records  
"Havin fun isn't hard when you've got a library card...Who's Dewey?"
13. Moxy Fruvous, email "My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors" - Live Noise - Bottom Line Records 
"my baby's just sittin' there, doin' some readin'"
14. Woody and Arlo Guthrie "I'm Gonna Mail Myself To You" - This Land Is Your Land - Rounder Records  
"I'm gonna...stick some stamps on the top of my head..."
15. Will Hoppey, email "Writer's Block" - (e koos'tik) - Bag-O-Cats Music  
 when the written word doesn't come easily
Top of the hour (noon) announcements  

Now, the spoken word:

16. Annie Gallup, email "Words"  - Backbone - 1-800-PRIME-CD 
" are you gonna find the words to tell her..."
17.  The Wiggins Sisters, email "Measuring Words" - The Wiggins Sisters - 10 Blind Brook Rd, Westport, CT 06880  (coming to Bodles Opera House on January 29) 
"We're not making conversation..." 
18. Pierce Pettus, email "Words Said in the Dark" - Everything Matters - Compass Records 
"...let the words I say, ring as true tomorrow as they do today"
19. Geoff Bartley, email "One Kind Word" - One Kind Word - Waterbug Records 
"It don't take much...with one kind word, I will stay"
20. Doug Waterman and Mary Reynolds "One Kind Word" - Fast Folk Musical Magazine August '82 - Fast Folk  (written by Peter Thompson) 
"If you feel lonely sometimes...whisper something you want whispered to you."
We often don't hear the word "Love" enough in our lives
21. Ron Renninger, email "Love Is A Short Word"  - Vanishing Breed -Vienna Virginia Records (self produced) 
"...but it takes so long to say"
Now some songs about the trouble you get in with the things you don't say.
22. The Westerleys, email "Unspoken Words" - Stumblin' to Gloryland -  Pumkin Patch Records, POB 2063, Mill Valley, CA 94941 
"There must be something that I missed, hidden there in your last kiss, two lips, one lie"
23. Terri Allard, email "Words You Can Not Say" - Loose Change and Spare Parts - Reckless Abandon Music 
"...will a miracle make you speak...only silence speaks to you"
24. Steve Cohen, email "Silent Too Long"  - Silent Too Long - Hurricane Recording Company, POB 42614, Philadelphia, PA, 19101 
"...the angry man trapped inside of me..."
25. Trout Fishing in America "Tongue Tied" - Truth is Stranger Than Fishin' - Trout  Records 
"I tried not to say what I meant"
26. Lili Anel "Never, Ever Say It" - Laughed Last - Palmetto Records 
" matter how it aches"
27. Songs of the Never Wrong, email "The Consequence of Speech" -The Consequence of SpeechWaterbug Records 
"...which sounded better and which sounded truer?
28. David Wilcox, (or here or here) "Language of the Heart" - How Did You Find Me Here - A&M Records 
"your words were clear from the start, but it's more than just words that got spoken, it was the language of the heart"
Moving from written words, to spoken words through words unspoken to next week's in studio guest on Folk Plus, John Forster (performing at Bodles Opera House) with a song with a lot of abbreviations for words.
29. John Forster, email "Type A" - Helium - Philo Records 
"The CEO of an S&L was a Class A SOB..."