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Today an interview with John Forster.
For the complete interview see:

1.  "Helium"  John Forster
     Helium   Philo
      When friends are doing balloons, just say no.

2.  Interview with John Forster. We discussed, among other things his involvement in musical theatre, whether it is possible to write political satire with out being offensive and his Grammy Nomination
3.                          * Holiday Carol
4.                          * China
5.                             Pac Man (inserted from his CD, The Official Bootleg)
6.                          * Fusion
7.                          * Serve Your Country in the Closet
  *  cuts played live

8.  "Unworthy"  Cheryl Wheeler
     Sylvia Hotel  Philo
     No matter what you are doing you feel like you should be doing something else.

9.  "But the Days and Nights are Long"  Cheryl Wheeler
     Sylvia Hotel  Philo
     "Even though life is short"

10.  "If It Were Up to Me"   Cheryl Wheeler
     Sylvia Hotel   Philo
     "I'd take away the guns"
Read more about Rounders' and Cheryl's gun control efforts

And now a few compilations with different purposes

Here is a woman truly working to take away the guns, and the lessons on
how and where to use them.

11.  "SOA Fight Song"   Jolie Christine Rickman 
       Sing it Down  jcrickma@mailbox.syr.edu
       Against the school in Georgia that trains killers

12.  "One Regret"  Deb Pasternak
       Respond  Signature Sounds 800 694 5354
       A compilation to benefit battered women in Boston

13.  "Do Uno Others"  Catie Curtis
       Respond    Signature Sounds 800 694 5354
       A compilation to benefit battered women in Boston

14  "What is Mine"   Beth Ferguson
       Resurfacing   Women in Crisis Project
       A compilation to raise lost funds for an shelter in Ottawa, Canada

15  "Hockey Night in Canada"   Lynn Miles
      Resurfacing    Women in Crisis Project
       A compilation to raise lost funds for an shelter in Ottawa, Canada

16.  "You Can Always Come to Me"  Greg Brown
       Family, Friends and Neighbors   Musical Tribute to Mary Egan
       Patio Fund Records
A compilation to raise money in the name of Mary Egan to "create a setting of outdoor solace for futrue cancer patients during their times of inpatient care."  The garden is in Waltham, Ma. USA

The final hour of Folk Plus, I fucused on the the use of the word Fool in songs.

17.  "On Top of Fools Hill"  Michael Jerling
       Early Jerling Waterbug
       "you're on top of  fool's hill , young lady"

18   "All these Fools"   Annie Gallup
      Cause and Effect - Prime CD, 1-800-primecd
      "The world is full of crazy fools in love"

19  "I Won't Cry Over You"    Ellis Paul
      Translucent Soul  Philo
      "Here's to the fool I was"

20  "Fool Entering the World"  Cosy Sheridan
     Grand Design  BWE  cozoid@aol.com
     "the fool afraid to leap for joy"

Visit Cosy on the Web at Songs.Com, Waterbug Records, Harmony Ridge and Fleming Tamulevich Associates .  Cosy will be one of our featured performers at our 1999 Spring Folk Benefit

21  "Martin Said to His Men"    Kim Hughes
      Cattywampus  Just Folks Music kimhughes@monitor.net
      "who's the fool now"

22  "Silly Old Fool"    Artisan
      Breathing Space
      "I won him in a raffle"

23  "Beautiful Fool"    Don Henry
      Wild in the Backyard  Sony Music
      "dreams weren't meant to come true"
I played this not only in keeping with the Fool theme, but as a tribute to Martin Luthur King, the "Beautiful Fool" mentioned in the song.

24  "Fools"   Julie Gold
      Dream Loud  Gadfly Records
      "Fools enjoy the company of stragers"

25  "Only a Fool"   Bill Bourne
      Sally's Dream  - Ragged Pup Rec. bbourne@freenet.edmonton.ab.ca
      "Only a Fool will walk alone"

26  "Many Fools Am I"   Jory Nash
      One Way Down  nash@mail.globalserve.net
     "who lay down and die"

27  "Optimistic Fool"    Sara Hickman
      Two kinds of Laughter  Shanachie

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