FOLK PLUS PLAYLIST for February 20 1999

1. Stacey Earle - Waiting
          Simple Gearle -
          Appearing next Sunday in Middletown with Friends of Music

2. Leslie Ritter and Scott Petito - Broken wings -
          In the Silence - Hudson Valley Records
          (tune by Dougie MacClean)

3. Dougie Maclean - Deepest Part of Me
         Marching Mystery - Dunkeld Records
         Cathedral St. Dunkeld, Perthshire PH8 OAW

4. Michael McNevin - Busy Life
          Secondhand Story -

5. McNevin on my phone machine apologizing for not sending
          his second CD. yet. (Angela, this is Michael McNevin....finally....)

6. Michael McNevin - SecondHand Story
         Secondhand Story -

7. Tom Paxton - Wearing the time
          Wearing The Time - Sugar Hill
          (tune co-written with Susan Graham White)

8. Susan Graham White - Just Like You
          Sounding Land  (888) 541-6373

Appearing March 28th 3:30 Harmonie Hall, Western Hotel,
           Callicoon, NY  overlooking the Delaware River.
           See for info.

9. NightSun - Gypsy
      "There are roads in your bones"

10 Garnet Rogers Small Victories
        Small Victories - Snow Goose songs
       "You're soft-headed, I can tell"

11. Cosy Sheridan - Quietly Led
         Quietly Led -
         "I'm told I have ambition where I should have a heart"

Childhood heroes and memories:

12. Kathy Johnson - Nancy Drew
         Small Town Girl -Singing Bridge Music
         PO Box 4847 Akron, OH 44310
         "It always started in River Heights"

13. Dan Hart - Spy at My School
         Apocalype Now & Then -
         "Don't fall in love, that's how the spy gets caught"

14. Max Cohen - Mrs. William's Class
          Places I've gone, People I've been -
          "...we can get along"

Fun with numbers:

15. David Roth - One in a million
        Another Side of David Roth - (800) 484-2367 DAVE

16. Steve Gillette - 2 men in the building
          Texas and Tennessee -

17 Sons of Never Wrong - 3 Good Reasons
          3 Good Reasons   WaterBug Records

18. Laurie McClain - Only Four
          Child Behind My Eyes  - Box 23963 Nashville TN 37202

19. Kristina Olsen - Five Year Old
         Love, Christina

20. Trout Fishing in America - Six
           My world -

21. Ellis Paul - Seven
           Translucent Soul - Philo

22. Trout Fishing in America - Eighteen Wheels on a big rig
            Mine!  -

23. Charlie King - Nine Gold Medals
           Senseless Laughter of Whales
           David Roth's story of the Special Olympics
           also in (Chicken Soup for the Soul)

24. David Leask - 100 Camels
         100 Camels
         100 camels is the price of a life in Somalia

25 Tom Russell (title cut)  Man From God Knows Where
          Man From God Knows Where   800 327 5264
          a new album dedicated to his ancestor pioneers

26 Tamarack - We owe it to the Pioneers
          13 -

27. Margaret MacArthur - Them stars
         Leaving Scotland-

28. Debbie Diedrich- Auf Wiedersehen/Hamburg
         Ninety Miles Out


This show will be added to Christine Lavin's Folk Plus Cassette Chain Club.