It is coming up on the 40th anniversary of the Barbie Doll.

1. Barbie the untold story - Nance Petit
    Skin and Water - Fresh Baked Records 1 800 492 3079
    "Remember you heard it first from me"

(Read from an essay by Patty Huggler from Liberty High School)
"Barbie began as a cartoon named Lili in a German tabloid similar to the Inquirer. The doll was 11.5 inches with buxon breats, and was intended to be an adult male sex pet sold in bars and tobacco stores.  The doll came in two separate sexy outfits.  The overseas market was not promising until Mattel turned the blonde sexpot Lili into brunette Barbie for girls.  In a study of 100 mothers and daughters, nearly all the mothers said  the dolls were too mature looking and didn't want their children playing with them.  nearly all the girls wanted one."

2. Daughters of Feminists - (by Nancy White)
     Marcy Marxer and Cathy Fink
     A Parent’s Home Companion -
     "Why do they want a barbie?"

3.  Losing Game - Cosy Sheridan
    One Sure Thing -
    " The average american woman is 5 ft 4 and weighs 144 pounds."

4. One Size Fits All - Babes With Axes
     Live Ax -
     (except it doesn't)

In her book Reviving Ophelia, Mary Pipher looked at the increasing numbers of girls seeking
therapy.  Perhaps our media needs to take some responsibility.

5. In the Magazines - Rachel Bissex
    I Used to be Nice -
    “she knows she doesn’t look like those other the magazines”

Advertizing effecting our behaviour (800 million Barbies have sold to date)

6. Thirty Five Foot Lady - Jim Infantino
    The world of Particulars -
   “I’ve seen the way she smiled at me while polishing that car”

7. Other Guys Girls - Mindy Jostyn
    Cedar Lane - 1 800 PALM-CD’s www.palmetto
    “look like a squadron of Barbie Dolls”

8. Anything for Love - Susan Piper
    New on the Planet - Sliced Bread Records
    “is there something more you need, something I can do, just to have you holding me...
      .just to make it all come true”

9. Mr. F E A S I B L E - Kathy McMearty
    Mr F E A S I B L E -
    “single is lonely, single is tough”

10. Clapping Song for Grownups - Nancy White
      Gaelic Envy - Borealis Records
      “Middle age what a laugh, better get the decaf"

Will something you buy make a difference?

11. Advertising Man - David Wilcox
      Home Again - A and M Records
      “look up at the billboard, see her smiling sexy tan, the only one who is laughing is..”
      “Why would they be smiling while they are looking down our way?”

12. Stuff - Lou and Peter Berryman
      Some KindaFunny -
      “it looks like I have more shopping to do”

13. The Big Store - Richard Berman
      Bittersweet - Aries Records   555 Bay Rd Amherst MA 01002
      “So many things have changed since the big store came to town”

14. Parking Lots and Strip Malls - David Rovics
      We just want the World -
       (from liner notes) if you don't want the mall, don't let the highway get built

15. Who’s whose - John Flynn
      John Flynn     Sliced Bread records
      “do you own the stuff you own, or does the stuff you own own you?”

What plays does adverising play defining beauty:

16. The Beauty Game - Garnet Rogers
      Summer Lightning - snow goose songs
      “The models that whe would like to be preach diet, self -loathing and denial”
      “One more walking wounded in the beauty game”

17.  I’m a Beauty - Laura Smith
       Vanity Presed - a collection -
       “there is a surprise there”

18. Beautiful - Susan Ellenton
      The Secret of My happiness -
      “someday in a mirror you will see the way you look to me...beautiful”

19. bodyMine - Lori B
      Hurricane Child -
      “Won't you be my home, we’ve been separated too long”

20. Raving Beauty - Anne Feeney
      Look To The Left - Super 88 Records, PLBox 91111 Nashville TN 37209
      “This is my body,  the ship I fits me just fine”

21. She is a Beauty - Erin Benjamin
      Monster in My heart -
      “she dreams every night she is a super model..she can't see, she is a beauty”

22. In a Different Mirror - Elizabeth Hunter
      One Woman’s Song - Free at Last -
      “it says things like you are strong, you are brave, you are wise....beautiful”

Feeling your core, or your "true north" as Mary Pipher (Reviving Ophelia) puts it:

23.  Let it Out - Kirtana
      The Offering     wild dove music
      “her habit’s been to hide, but I want to let her out”

24. Bustin’Loose - Beth Lodge-Rigal
      Follow me -
      sometimes it is all you want to do -(from liner notes)

25. Wanderlust - Connie Kaldor
      Moonlight Grocery - Coyote entertainment
     “take your money, give away your sofa dn you blow this town”

26. Rarest Rose - Lui Collins and Dana Robinson
      Paired Down - Molly Gamblin Music
      “In my hand I held the key”

27. Rose Tatoo - Kat Eggleston
      First Warm Wind -
      “ love selects its symbols without consulting you”
      “sometimes the best of men wear a rose tatoo”

Garnet's song earlier asked if a man can just love the inside humor etc., of the woman and not focus on the package. Some men singing who seem to do just that:

28. No Secret Castle - (A. Calhoun) Hugh Blumenfeld
      Rocket Science -
      There is nothing that I can give you that I have not been to find

29 A Wedding Prayer - Andrew Lawrence
     Some Windows - 2410 Guilford Av. Baltimore Md 21218
     “open these hearts, make us more than we are, more than we’ve been, more than we              could  be alone”

30. I’ll be Here For You - David Roth
      Digging Through my closet - Folk Era
      “when you don’t know what to do, that’s when I’ll be here for you”
      “if shoulders were meant to be leaned upn then Im putting one out here for you”

31. A Love song - Richard Berman
      Dreamer -
      “I love you as you are”