Playlist           FOLK PLUS    March 6 1999

This Saturday I had my mother's sister visiting,  a native of Barnsley England, now living in Scotland.  She did the weather breaks and there was weather!  Almost 7 inches when it was through.  Callers were delighted with her accent.

Because of her visit I focused on kith and kin, beginning with women in general (Womens History Month), moving to aunts, sisters, mothers, cousins, daughters.....

1.    Three Women   Domestic Science Club
       Domestic Science Club  (defunct group) POB 670962 Dallas Texas
      "Three woman round the table....
            Here's to the woman holding hands"

2.    Girl Shanty - Sons of the Never Wrong (
       Consequences of Speech - Waterbug
      "I'm a girl and you're a girl, your mom's a girl...."


3.    My Aunt Anna  Buddy Mondlock
      (Live at the ) Postcrypt    1 800 PRIME CD
      " when any of us were doubting ourselves, she told us we were all right."

4.    Aunt Miriam's Suitcases - Susan Piper
       New on the Planet -
       "I know I'm going places, 'cause I've got Aunt Miriam's suitcases"


5.    A Sister - Kate Jacobs
       What About Regret - Bar Note Records
        "Things wouldn't be so bad if I just had a sister"

6.    On the Phone with My Sister - Catie Curtis
       One More Song (for club Passim)- Philo Records,
        "remember the days when you would save me.."

7.     My Sister Sings - Melanie Doane
       Shakespearean Fish - Sony Canada
        "...and I can't always hear her"

8.    Big Sister - Terry Kitchen
       Blanket -
      "Who'd do all the thinking for the both of us"

9.    Going to the Prom - John McCutcheon
       Spring Songs - Rounder Records,
        "she swears they're just friends but she's holding his hand"

10.   Sister - Barbara Martin
         Between White and
        "I need a place to hide....sister.....I need a little time"

11.    Sister Mary Madeline  -  Barbara Kessler

         "I didn't know it then but I was free"


11.   VT and Me - Carol Elliott
        People I Meet  - at Songs.Com -

         "When life is calling answer pationately'"

12.   Spittin Cousins -  Jez Lowe and the Bad Pennies
        The Parish Notices  -
         " one brother stayed and one slid gently"


13.    Mama I Miss You Tonight -  Claudia Schmidt
        Closing the Distance - Flying Fish
        "You raised a strong one, just ask any man"

14.   Lullaby - Cosy Sheridan
        Quietly Led -
        "My mother's hands laid four young heads to sleep night after night"

15.   Mama's Prayers - Susan Aglukark (
        Arctic Rose  -  EMI Music Canada
       "I know you love my family as much as I do"

16.   My Mother's Hands - Debi Smith
        More Than Once - Shanachie Records,
        "though I have a daughter's choice"


17.   Carley's Song - Bird Sisters
        Different Stories - POB 433 Guelph, Ontario N1H6K5
        "We walk I feel her tiny hand"

18.   My Little Girl - Pierce Pettis
        Everything Matters -
        "Careful whose hand you hold"

19.   16 Septembers -Mark Fisher
        Scratch Board -
        "make sure you tell her, every time she leaves your door"

On  Other Kin:

20.   MargaretCindy Kallet
        Dreaming Down a Quiet Lane - Overall Music  617 863-2333
       "Oh Margaret, you're name is longer than you"

21.   Kathleen - Wiggins Sisters
        The Wiggin Sisters -
       "As I watched my family all pitching in to help Kathleen, it occured to me..."

22.   Grandma's Best China - Annie Gallup
        Cause and Effect - 1 800 PRIME CD
        "She was the cornerstone on which our family balanced"

23.   Mirrored Ball - Pete Nelson
        Restless Boys Club  -  signature sounds 1 800 694 5354
        "My grandma had a mirrored ball"

24.   Play Nice for the Relatives - Mimi Kates
        Halfway Home -
       "think twice before we speak"

25    Gather the Family - Mustard's Retreat
         Wind and the Crickets - palmetto   or
         "our voices together all singing one song"

26.   Family Tree - Pete Morton
        Courage Love and Grace -   Flying Fish
        "Love is the only thing"

Ending with singing sisters , a song I wanted to add to last week's capitalism set:

27.      Want Not   -  Roches
           Keep On Doing - Warner Bros Records
           "I not want if I were smart..."