The first hour of this week's show, I featured cuts from several new CD's I have received in the last few months.
In the second hour, I had guests in the studio who were playing in the area,  Scott Petito and Leslie Ritter

David Wilcox - Underneath  - Vanguard
1.   Down Here
     "We drove right into our lives of crime"
2.   Sex and Music
     "there are layers and levels of thrilling"
3.   All My Life
     "Home again to someplace you've never been"

Jody Kessler - Leap of Faith  -
4.   Stone by Stone
      "It's a burden to carry a grudge...I ask for your forgiveness so that we may both move on."
5.    A Path to the Devine
      "and there we were, two lovers who survived...."

Gordie Sampson - Stones  -
6.   Her Favorite Minstrel
      Instrumental, Gordie on guitar, Natalie Macmaster on violin
7.   Still Working on a Dream
      "I was thinking of you , I was thinking of me. Still working on a dream"

Kat Eggleston -  First Warm Wind  - Waterbug
8.   China
      "my garden is coming alive..I'll send a song on the breeze to China"
9.   True Story
      "there is no uniform to show where you stand between the gutter and the throne"

Lynn Miles - Night in a Strange Town  -  Philo
10.    Anywhere
        "I could go anywhere, my soul is on fire"
11.   Middle of the Night
        "the only thing that's true is that it's the middle of the night and all I need is you"

Reviewed some winners of the Juno award, and figuring that the winners will get their share of airplay this week, I aired another.

Bill Bourne - Sally's Dream -
12.    20th Century Requiem
        "Some will insist to you I'm lying"

Cheryl Wheeler - Sylvia Hotel - Philo
13.    Potato
         "They're red, they're white, they're brown They get that way underground."

Mollys - Hat Trick
14.     Say Nothing
         "there's better things you do with your mouth when you say nothing"

Pat Maloney - Perfect Oblivious Moon   Ratrick Records
15.    You only come out at night
        "The news was all over town, that you were out with your red dress on"

Andrew McKnight - Traveler - Falling Mountain Music
16.    Magnolia Tree
        "Take me out coach, put another better man in"

Their new release is In the Silence - Hudson Valley Records
They are appearing tonight at the Mansion House in Middletown.
We talked about how Leslie and Scott co-write, their reaction to their reviews, Sing Out! most recently and their role as record producers.

In the Studio live:

17.   Love Grows
       "Somehow love grows...takes it's the silence"

18.   Caught in the Middle
       "Being 15 you know it aint easy..feeling so ready...not ready at all "

From the CD:

19.    Catskill Green
        "When the green returns to Catskill"

In the Studio again, after asking for an example of a song about which they had differing ideas about it's direction.

20.  (Yet to be recorded, yet to have a title)
       Shoebox Memories?
       The planning of one day, while looking through a shoebox of photos of the past.

21.   Broken Wings (by Dougie MacLean)
       "We're waiting with the rest... these broken wings won't fly"