Folk Plus         March 27, 1999

This is the father, uncle, grandpa show which is the sister show to the aunts, mothers, sisters and gradma show that I did
March 6 1999.  I also promoted tomorrow's 7th Annal Folk Benefit with Garnet Rogers, Cosy Sheridan and Night Sun (their virgin
appearance in the States!) and also aired a cut from new Red House releases.

First Dads:
1.   Catie Curtis   -   My Dad's Yard
      Truth From Lies - Guardian Records
       "You can surely find it in my dad's heart"

2.   Jim Henry -   Pals Forever Dad
      Jacksonville  -
      "He could ride me on his shoulders, best view I've ever had"

3.    Erica Wheeler  - Maryland County Road
      The Harvest -
      "I can't figure out how my father finds these places"

4.   Cosy SheridanMe and My Father
      "I can't pretend I'm not my father's little girl"

5.   Richard Berman  ( -  My Father's Mansion
      Dreamer  -
      "...over 20 rooms here, not enough for me"

6.    Teresa DoyleDance to Your Daddy
       Dance to Your Daddy -  Bedlam Records,  902 838-2973
       "Dance to your daddy, my little man"

9.    Dave Crossland - Daddy Loves Ohio
       Here's to the Ride  -  Purple Beech Music
       " can see it in his eyes"

10.  John Gorka - Semper Fi
       Jack's Crows - High Street Records
       "The new marine was  just 15 in 1939"

11.   Small Potatoes - I Brought My Father with Me
        Time Flies -  Folk Era Records
         "He used to take me for a coke turnabout is fair play"

12.   Mark Fisher  - Your Loving Son
        BirthMark - White Noise Records,
        "How can someone have a son, and then just disappear
             ....Was I so bad?"

13.   Terence Martin  - Independance Day
        Division Street   (845) 683 1132
        "He spent his life making earthquakes go away"


14.   Hugh Blumenfeld - Brothers
        Strong in Spirit - 1 (800) PrimeCd
        "I held him as he crossed the distance I had never dared..."

15.    Eddie From Ohio - Oh my Brother
         I Rode Fido Home - Virginia Soul Records
         "We shall carry each other"

16.  Joe Giacoio - Night Games
       Superman's Midlife Crisis - Romantic Devil Records
       "But when I see my brother hold his son,
             This guitar doesn't feel quite as big anymore"

17.  Mathew's Brother  -  Little Brother
       Remember the Day -
       "with many years between us you know I've been there"

18.  Lucina Williams - Little Angel Little Brother
       Sweet Old World - Chameleon Records
       "I see you now at the piano, your back a slow curve"

19.  Amy and Jennie  -  Two Brothers
        Life Becomes
        "One wore blue and one wore gray"

20.  Garnet Rogers - Frankie and Johnny
       Summer Lightening - Snowgoose (313) 995 9066
       "So much so easily came to him, me I had to work so much...
            ...If you're reading this then I'm long gone, Frank, I loved you"

Other Relations:

21.   Susan Werner - Uncle John
        Midwestern Saturday Night  -
        "And here's the way I think it oughtta be, You can love who ever you want"

22.    Eric Garrison - Thank God and the Company
         Under a Winter  -  Self Produced CD,
         "My Grandpa went to the factory when he quit school in 1913"

23.   Cliff Eberhardt - The Long Goodbye
        Borders -  Redhouse
       "I just called to say I love you but your voice is like a prelude to a long goodbye"

24.  Lucy Kaplansky - Ten Year Night
      Ten Year Night - Redhouse
       "the stars are all that's keeping time till morning"

25.   Cosy Sheridan - Broken Place
        "You can't eat the scenery in a colorful life"

26.   Night Sun This Lake
        Home  -
        "I'm half blind, but I'm the only one who sees"

27.   Night Sun - Pass the Hummus
         Home  -
         An instrumental