Folk Plus Playlist for April 4 1999

1. Laura Wetzler    Children of Abraham
    Songwriter's Notebook - 1 800 BUY MY CD
    "life is short, let peace be long"

2. Wyrd Sisters   Same Old Story
    Raw Voice -
    "you are looking at her like you used to me"

3. Hart Rouge Destination
   All Canadian Sampler - 1 800 633 8282
   "lies drove her love away"

4. Bourque, Bernard and LaPage - La turlutte a Pit
    Matapat -

5. Blackflies - Lino Bozzer
    Poutine -
   "Out comes Lino Bozzer, Luke Lefebvre is through"

6. Laurie McClain - I wanna be like you
    The Child Behind My Eyes -
    "You seem so sure of yourself, I wanna be like you"

7. Cosy Sheridan - Tooth Fairy Got Shot
     One Sure Thing -
    "The Easter Bunny got shot...just a rabbit with a basket, what an easy mark"

8. Mindy Jostyn - Power Sex and Money
     Cedar lane - 1 800 PALMCDS
    "Even when I win, I feel incomplete"

9. John Forster - My Macedonia
    Helium - Philo
    "You better damn well know what the hell a balifone is, and I do not"

10. Susan Werner - I Can't Let You In
     Time Between Trains - Bottom Line Rec.
     "You'll get the best of me you know my weakest place"

11. Chenille Sisters - Co-dependant with you
      True to Life - Red House
      "I'm hooked on the hell you put me through"

12. Laurie McClain - Let it go
      The Child Behind my Eyes -
      "let it fall to the ground and they will lose their power over you"

13. Christine Lavin - You think you have Problems
       Compass - Philo
      "I'd like to tell you a story.....but I can't"

14.  Nightsun - Carried
      Home -
      "I put all my faith in who I am and I keep a watchful eye"

15.  Rick Lee - Don't Pet the Dog
      There's Talk about a Fence -
      "Leave him alone or the next thing you know he?ll be asking your ankle to dance"

16.  Aileen Vance - Talkin' Role Reversal
      Sweet Life -
      If you dress up and look rich, you ought to be prepared to follow through, so don't complain if you are robbed.

17. Trail Band - Imigrant Dreams
      Immigrant Dreams -
      "We sailed for the States when he was 15"

18. Julian Dawson - How Can I sleep without You (with Lucinda Williams)
      Spark -
      "Somehow I gotta stay awake 'til I'm holding you again"
      "You better catch this falling star before it hits the ground"

19. Tanglefoot - Secord?s warning
      Tanglefoot -
      "There's American guns and 500 men so the warning must be given"

20. Cali Rose - Procrastinating again
      (finally got around to playing this)
      Cali Rose Gets Goofy -
      "Well I"m thinking about I in a rut"

21. Cheryl Wheeler - Unworthy
      Sylvia Hotel - philo
      "No matter what I'm doing I should certainly be doing something else."

22. Annie Gallup - It's dangerous Charlie
      Courage my Love - info@primecd .com
      "A stranger pounded on my window, he said "That's dangerous"

23. Trio - After the Gold Rush
      Trio II - Asylum
      "I was thinking about what a friend had said, I was hoping it was a lie"

24. Quartette - Circle
      Denon - 17 Denon Markham, Ont. Canada l3R 1B5
      "Celebrate the morning...the circle is strong"

25. Dave Haddock - Weaker Moments
     Oil and Water - Caribou Rec Bx5514 Whitehorse Yukon Y1A 5H4
      "I'm writing songs about you and they're all too long"

26. Nancy White - He Wrote Too Many Songs about his Girlfriend
      Gaelic Envy - Mouton Records
      A request for a private life and to be left out of the songs

27. Ellis Paul - She Love a Girl
      Translucent Soul -
     "One love at the cost of another"

28. Kat Eggleston - Empty Glass
      First Warm Wind -
       "Do I miss you?  Do you really need to ask"

29. Sarah Hickman - Take Whatever I can Get
      Two Kings of laughter -
      "He's got your eyes, he's got your face he's got your moves"

30 Mary Reynolds     Patience (by Ilene Weiss)
     Patience -
     "So many good things come your way if you take the time and wait"