Folk Plus Playlist for April 10th 1999

With the ongoing Kosovo tragedy, this show was motivated by thoughts of:
the propaganda always surrounding war, borders, violence and children, other struggles
and finally some hopeful thoughts of overcoming adversity.

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1. Eddie from Ohio - Anthem (F. S. Key)
   Portable EFO Show - Virginia Soul
   "..the bombs bursting in air"

2. Hugh Blumenfeld - America Redux
    Barehanded - 1 800 Prime Cd info@PrimeCd.Com
    "I've been abroad I've seen the price of my sweet liberty"

3. Tom Intondi - America
    City Dancer - LP `76
    "...promises she gave to you"

4. Julian Dawson - No Place Worth Dying For
    Spark -
    "Stars and stripes or a Union jack... won't bring your children back"

5. Holly Near - No More genocide
   Hang in There - Redwood Records `73
   "...just a lie, one of the many"

6. Wyrd Sisters - Farewell to Clayoquot Sound
    Inside the Dreaming
    "Take a deep breath and blow the bridge down"

7. Anne Weiss - Crossing The Border
   Crossing the border -
   "Hey senator should we have turned your father away?"

8. The Roches - Missing
    Another World - Warner Bros.  `85
    "I've been waiting all night for a sign from my baby, but he's missing"

9. Lucy Kaplansky - When I Get to the Border
    The Tide - Red House RhrRadio@Aol.Com
    "l'll be dancing down the street when I get to the border"

10. Cosy Sheridan - Sharp Objects
      Quietly Led -
     "We need a child proof cap on the big wide world...
       step on a mine you can't go home again"

11. Peter Yarrow - There But for Fortune
      What's That I Hear, Songs of Phil Ochs - Sliced Bread
      "...but for fortune go you or I"

12. Cliff Eberhardt - The Land of the Free
      Borders - Red House RhrRadio@Aol.Com
      "they're gonna send me back again"
      "Only in Heaven there are no borders"

13. Will Hoppey (Stu Kabak) - The lesson
      E Koos tik -
      "I cannot stand up for you if it's evil that you've done..."

14. Artisan - Scarlet Raygun
      Paper Angels -
      "Last night daddy slapped my bottom, send a hand grenade"

15. Kate McDonnell - Enola Gay
      Next -
      "You drop your load and fly away"
      "Oh Lord have mercy on Enola Gay"

16. Charlie King - Video Games
      Inside Out - `95 Vaguely Reminiscent Sounds
      "At 30,00 ft you don't see the people scream
      Uniform man says you got skill"

17. Anne Feeney - Shell Game
      Look to the Left - Super 88 Rec
      "don't think of all those kurdish children starved along the border"

18. Rod MacDonald - Honorable Men
      The Man on the Ledge - Shanachie RodMacD@Aol.Com
      "...after all, these were honorable men"

19. John McCutcheon, Si Kahn - No Mas
      Sign of the Times - Rounder
      "Our silence buys the battles, let us cry NO MAS"

20. Chenille Sisters - Hay Una Mujer Desaparecida
      At Home with the Chenille Sisters - Red House RhrRadio@Aol.Com
      "...and the junta knows where she is hiding and dying"

21. Chuck Brodsky - Hands of Victor Jara
      Letters in the Dirt - Red House RhrRadio@Aol.Com
      A revolution  "may be some place like Chile, or might be in your heart"

22. Julie Gold - From a Distance
      Dream Loud -
      "From a distance you look like my friend, even though we are at war"

23. Eileen McGann - Turn it Around
      Turn it Around - Dragonwing Music
      "Do you wish you could die, or do wish you could turn it around"

24. David Roth - Manuel Garcia
      Rising in Love - Folk Era RothDM@Aol.Com
      "I felt so you stand beside me"

25. Stan Rogers - Mary Ellen Carter
      Home in Halifax - Fogarty's Cove Music
      "No matter what you've lost, be it home, a love, a friend...rise again"

26. Eileen McGann - Too Stupid For Democracy
      Journeys - Dragonwing Music 413 527 8180
     "Think of the majority of people that you meet, did you think that their opinions should be law"