Playlist FOLK PLUS Kosovo II
April 17 1999

Last week's show motivated by thoughts of Kosovo generated much response from both e -mail and telephone. I am continuing with this theme today.  Some however will have tuned in for some variety, more laughter, coverage of new cd's, and will be disapointed but in the words of Dick Gaughin:

"You say that you listen to music to escape from the things that make you feel bad
You say all that I sing of is trouble and that doesn't entertain you
You say I should be trying to make people happy
Well, strange as is seems that's just what I'm trying to do"

1.  Dick Gaughan - A different Kind of Love Song
     A Different Kind of Love Song  - FolkFreak `83 LP
    "For me to make the most people happy
     I must make you even more sad and angry now"

2.  Cindy Kallet - Bodies
     Dreaming Down a Quiet Line - Stone's Throw Music
     "There's a body and I'm afraid"

3.  Herdman, Hills, Mangsen (by Anne Hills) - Orphans
     Voices -  Flying Fish (Rounder)
    "caught in a cross fire of hate, they are the children of war
     little faces, little hands....suddenly alone"

4.  Kate MacLeod - The Child
     Constant Emotion -
     "Where are you going asked the gunman on the road"

5.  Kari Brmnes (by Tom Russell) - Anna Olsen
     Man From God Knows Where -
     "most of their young children died before they reached 6 yrs"

6. David Massengill - Orphan Train
    The Return-
    "there's no orphan 'Lost and Found'"

7. James Keelaghan -Refugee
    Timelines - Dirty Linen
    "You have left behid your home"

8.   Si Kahn - Crossing the Border
     In My Heart - Philo
     "They turned back but he kept going"

9.   Rod MacDonald - Stop the War
      White Buffalo -
      "What if everyone thought like you...
        ...I say there would be some peace"

10.  Jonatha Brooke (and B.Cockburn) - War
       Plumb - GRP Records
       "I guess war is ok, it's just a little inconvenient"

Just another of the million tragic stories that war creates....

11. Christine Lavin - The Wild Blue
      One Wild
     "This is war, this is what men do"

Many stories have focused on the sneaking of treasures across the borders. In diapers, family photo albums.
What would you take?

12.  Trout Fishing In America - Wo Are These People?
       Who Are These People -
       "A family photo album of the people I don't know"

13. Mary Ann Rossoni - America
      Half Slips and Garters -
      "I've seen photos kept in boxes"

14. Anne Hills - The Blur in the Photograph
      Bitterweet Street -
       "The blur in the photgraph, the face lost in history"

15. Kathy Johnson - 1 2 3 Smile
      Small Town Girl - Singing Bridge Music
      "These treasured memories of family and friends"

16. David Roth - Digging Through My Closet
      Digging Through My Closet - RothDM@Aol.Com
     "I come across a hotograph, a souvenir"

17.  Colleen Peterson - Souvenir
       Beginning to Feel Like Home - EMI Canada
       "Souvenirs they stay with you forever,
        see you through the good times and the bad"

18.  Annie Gallup - Camera
       Backbone - 1 800 PRIMECD
       "and you are frozen in time"

19.  Fred Small - Smile When you are Ready
       Everything Possible -
       "refugee awakes at night to the sound of distant war"

20.   Beth Ferguson - What is Mine
        Dance on the Earth -
        "Will I run, will I break, which road should I take?"
        "What is mine, with patience and time, will come to me"

I read from a 12 year old Bosnian girl's writings asking that American Children not take their peace for granted.

21.  Cathie Ryan - Garden Valley
        Cathie Ryan  - Shanachie
        "This is really not my home....robbed of every love and need There is no peace for me"

22.  Bob Martin - Going Home
      The River Turns The Wheel -
      "lost some friends, lost some brothers.."
      "going home, sweetest words I ever heard"

23.  Erin Benjamin - Home is Where The Heart Is
       Erin Benjamin -
       "some little boy, some little girl, some distant land"
       "home is wherever you go"

24. Pierce Pettis - God Believes in You
      Everyhting Matters -  Compass Records
      "it does not have to end like this"