Earth Day, April 24, 1999 on WJFF - Folk Plus

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Today is WJFF's annual Earth Day special where children from area come to read the essays they composed relating to the Earth.  With many parents and children gathering in all rooms of the station, Littleton still in the back of our minds, I had to begin with a suggestion from Red Grammer.

1.  Red Grammer  -  Teaching Peace
    Teaching Peace  Red Note Records 1 (315) 676 5516

 -   Josh Cohen  Duggin School  4th Gade
          "There should be a rule, if you cut down a tree, you should have to plant a new one"
 -   Joseph Davis  Cooke School  2nd Grade
          "If I were the Incredible Hulk, I would eat all the garbage"
 -  Aaron AllenCooke School  2nd Grade
          "One thing, there was a man named Junk Yard.  He ate all of the garbage"
 -  Corey Lubniewsk  Duggan School  4th Grade
          "Air Pollution - people don't like air pollution - it is bad for your lungs"
 -  Jesse FriedlanderDuggan School  4th Grade
           "Ozone layer acts as a natural sun screen.  This helps to protect the life froms from getting too much of the harmful ultra violet rays"
 -  Nicholas Adamo  Duggan School  4th Grade
          "The rainforest is threatened in many burning, logging and ranching.  Don't buy tropical hardwood"
 -  Matthew Terpening  McKenzie Elementary - 4th grade
          "Even though it might not work, I should still try anyway."
 -  Wayne Hill - McKenzie Elementary  4th grade
          "I am worried about the endangered species - put up signs, 'NO TRAPPING OR ELSE""
 -  Christina Talmadge Cooke School, 2nd grade
          "I want to save the trees.  I hope nobody cuts all the trees"
 -  Donald Bolson Cooke School 2nd grade
          "We should help all animals from becoming endangered species"
 -  Mariah   Cooke School
           "We need medicine and the animals will have nowhere to list"

2.   Magpie  Have to have a Habitat
      Circle of Life  - Box 5467 Takoma Pk, MD 20913

Marla Parisio  Mackenzie Elementary   5th grade
        "I would like to put an end to littering, join the group against littering and polution"
Ali Green  Duggan School  4th Grade
       "Big companies don't respect the earth the way the Native Americans did"
Jennifer Houman  Duggan School 4th Grade
       "Keep builders from building malls..."
Jillian Smith  Duggan School 4th Grade
        Dont cut down trees....."Cut down on logging"
Heather Von Hegel Duggan School 4th Grade
       "The earth isn't very clean ... oil kills ducks in a very bad way"

3.   Howling at the Moon  "Dead Ducks" /
      from an old Cassette

Maria Perrelli  - Duggan Elementary  4th Grade
       "Planting New Flowers and Trees, I think we should plant new trees, earth is a great place to live"
Jessica Donelson
        "My thoughts on the Environment, Cars, Factories, Killing animals..Maybe we can change, lets do
        our best""
Chelsea Brennan  Cooke School   Ms. Dollard
         A dialog between her and her sister, Hayley  "I am your big sister and you have to listen to me, stop littering!
          I will get all my friends to help me and if they don't I guess I will do it all by myself"
Heather    Liberty Elementary
         "The Environment   if we work together we can make the world better, we're not alone"
Katelyn Conway  6th Grade Mrs. Swope,  MacKenzie
          "People throw away things that they can recycle"
Joylene Rubio Liberty Middle School 7th Grade
        "The Environment - if you listen to anything, listen to this, think about the next
         generation"and make an effort."

4.   Jim and Dave  Oh Don't Go Near the Shore
     Awsome Adventure

Bryanne Gendron   gr.6 Mr. Tylawsky
     "How I Can Make a Difference - I hate the way people think they can just litter"
Rebecca Thopmpson   Mrs. Ramsey gr. 4
          "If we had some days off from school we could pick up the litter."
Kyle Anthony  gr. 5 Mr. N.
           "My thoughts on the Environment  - We should be careful with nature, and nature should be
         careful with us. After all we live here too"
Michelle Von Steamberg - McKenzie  Elementary
           "I am disgusted with paper usage - I am losing points because I'm squishing my words together -
            trying to save paper, Put yourself in the animals pawprints"
-   Louis Ponds
            "It really bugs me when people dump oil into the water - it hurts my heart"
Tara Contrera
             "My thoughts on the Environment"  Hunters are destroying animals - more and more rifles are coming out
             as we speak."
Joanna Goldfarb
             "People should take good care of the earth"

5.  Cheryl Wheeler  I'd take away the guns
     Sylvia Hotel  philo

Keith DePauw
           "I don't like it when people throw trash out their windows - I have an
           idea to help, put a screen on a car window that lets only air in and
          out" (I advised him to patent the DePauw screen after the show)"
Brienne Guerriera - from Yulan- grade 6
          "How I would Make a Difference - It's not the end of thw world to walk over to a trash
           can and put your  trash in.
Victoria Van Etten  Cooke Elementary
          A story about Earth Day "My friends and I had to pick up after teenagers,
          We started a 'Pick it up Environment Club'"

Now, a skit performed at the Annual Bashakill Wetlands Association written and performed by Malcolm, Morgan and Miranda Hardy with Michelle Fancher narratting.

The devil convinces the kid that her littering gives the do gooders of the world (Brownie troops, Ecological associations) something to do, until one of them tell the child what other good they could be doing if they did not have to pick up garbage.

Devil "You pick it up kid and what would they do for the day?" Angel "Don't you think they could be doing something else with
their day"....

Joshua Oates
         "Why We Should Take Care of the World - We shouldn't litter because it is killing our animals - animals are great
         I plant flowers with my grandma"
Christine Allcott
         "The Environment - The world is very fragile - I hope everyone can keep the earth clean"
Damian Torres  Liberty Middle School  grade 7
         "Pollution has to stop.  When I drove with my mom a huge bag of
          garbage blew off a car, they did not stop to clean it up."
Kelly Lorino  Liberty Middle Mr Spielman 7th grade
         "the earth deserves it for all the beautiful things she has brought
         to us. Even the littlest thing can help"
Brittany  Caruso  gr. 4  Liberty Elementary
        "How I feel About the Environment  - people should make sure that the water is clean"
Ayla Kelty  grade 5 Mr. N.
         "How I Can Make a Difference  - Transfer oil so it doesn't spill"
Neil Murphy  Liberty Middle  grade 7
         "Don't buy items that are bad for the enviroment - that's easy"
Elana Cortez Cooke Elementary
             "I would help by recycling 5 cent bottles"
Darren Brodmerkel  Grade 5 McKenzie Elementary
           "I think we shouldn't cut down the rain forests"
Jon Grabowski     Gr. 7 Liberty Middle School
          "The landfills are filling up too quickly and we are dumping far too many chemicals"-
Stephen Lathem  Ms G.
         "Make bigger fine to stop littering...I want to stop people littering. Toxics are in the air, it makes me mad and sad"
Meagan Shortall  4th Grade Liberty
       "I think we can always clean up the  Earth.   People should stop
-  Josh England  7th gr.  Liberty Middle School
           "People should stop being save our one and only earth"
Kim Hallack    MacKenzie
             "I don't like when people spit out their gum on the parking lot - please stop!!!"
Greg Fotiotis  grade 5   Mr. Dunker    Mackenzie Elem.
           "I think the government could make help more rules, more cops, more trash cans
Bertha Lee   Liberty Middle School   grade 7
     "With the knowledge we have someone could make a better system"

6.   Artisan  Not In My Backyard

Thomas Bubar McKenzie Elementary   grade  5
         "Tell someone to pick up their trash, yours truly Tommy Bubar"
Michael Wagner Liberty Middle School  grade 6
         "Our earth is dying, actually it is being murdered"
          "A new incinerator is coming and it is good because it is clean"

7.   Bill Shontz  "Hole in the Ozone"
      Animal Takes Lightyear Ent. 800 229 STORY

-   Kelsey Stoddard    Liberty  grade 6
         "We need properly working septic tanks.  If they work properly, they
          won't dirty the lake"
-   Michell Silver   Liberty Middle School
         "We should improve the enforcement on recycling laws and pass laws to
         raise the penalty for littering"
-   Lamont Love    Liberty Middle School   grade 6
        "It takes more than 500,000 trees to make the world's Sunday Papers"
-   Maria Lindsey   Liberty Middle School grade 7
          "Let your senators know how you feel, one vote can change a decison"
-   Jerimiah Hurbert   Liberty Middle School   grade 5
         "Americans open their fridge 22 times a day.  You can save energy and
        money if you keep your refridgerator door open only a few seconds"

Liberty High School has 20 French exchange students and this interview was taped yesterday

-  FRENCH Students talk about recycling in France
      In France they have a "green" box for paper in their houses, and a
      neighbourhood collects glass in a large bin
May Meyers (Home Schooled)  15 yrs old, Liberty NY
        "Carbon dioxide absorbs solar energy, trapping heat in our atmosphere,  we call this the greenhouse effect.  Scientists predict
       that by 2050 the world's average annual temperature will haven risen between 3  and 8 degrees.  Order light bulbs that use a fifth of a
       standard lightbult - they can be ordered 1 800 869 3446"
Jeanette Geoghan  Mrs. Hazan Gr. 3
         "I can be a good example -it will help me and the earth"
Ashley  Proscia   Mrs. Hazan Gr. 3
          "Garbage  ... no one should throw garbage and stuff in the water"
Brittany McCann   Eldred School
       "How I can Make a Difference  put up signs...stop cars and tell them not to litter"
Celia  Oset  Mrs. Hazen  Gr. 3
           "It really bugs me when I see glass on the ground, I'm scared I will
         cut my foot"
Brittany Mitchell  McKenzie Elementary  Ms. Feinstein
         "Rainforests are cool because they have cool animals"

8.    Fred Small Hot Frogs on the Loose
       Fred Small in Concert

9.    Victoria Parks  I'm Going Solar Just Soon As I Can
       Sure Feels Like Home  Appropo Multimedia

10.   Carol Elliot  Sequoyah
        The People I Meet   -  Heartstrong Records

11.   Magpie with Kim and Reggie Harris  We Belong To The Earth
        Spoken in Love    Long Tail Records