In the words of Lynn Miles
"Whose gonna win the human race?"

Earth Day will be celebrated at Holiday Mtn. Ski Area tomorrow
Last week I aired messages from area youth about the earth.
Today I air the state of the earth's health in song.
(Cheryl Wheeler locally tomorrow)

May 1 1999


1. The Rivers Cheryl Wheeler
    Mrs. Pinocci's Guitar Philo
     "It said on TV that the rivers can poison us"

2. When the Rivers had no Name - Bernice Lewis
     Isle of Spirit - Sanctuary Rec. 413 458 0944
     "We go back to a time, when the rivers had no names"

3. Don't Go In the water - Cosy Sheridan
     Grand design -
     "Arsenic, acetone, methylene chloride..."

4. Water - Magpie Greg Artzner, Terry Leonino
     Circle of Life - pobox Takoma Pk MC 20913
     "keep it clean for me and I'll keep it clean for you"

5. I am a Dolphin - Jay Mankita
   u (Cassette) - self -
    "I swan around the oil slick..... will I ever make it home"

On "Progress"

6. We're in the same boat now - Joyful Noise
    "We may have come here on different ships but...."
    no one is the winner when y

7. Parking Lots and Strip malls - David Rovics
    We Just Want the World -
    There is nothing inevitable about progress

8. Houses in the Fields - John Gorka
    Jack's Crows - High Street Rec.
   "Developers pay better than the corn"

9. Farm Auction - Garnet Rogers
     The Outside Track -
      "The sale was on until everything was gone"

10. The Farm - Susan Graham White
      Sounding Land - Big Bay Rec.
     "Once you leave the blacktop you've got a mile to go"

11. Ask Any Farmer - John McCutcheon
     What it's like - Rounder
      " The farmer is in hawk but the bankers on a roll"

12. Gatlinburg - Andrew McKnight
      Traveler - Falling Mountain Music
      "First loggers came....

13. Requiem for the Trees - Herdman, Hills, Mangsen
      Voices - Flying Fish/Rounder
     "They fell like thunder and left no trace"

14 . Farewell to Clayoquot Sound - Wyrd Sisters
      Inside the Dreaming -
    "On Vancouver Island..the big blades now are mowing her down"

    Some simple ideas of what you can do:

15.  I Don't Need a Bag - David Roth
       Nights at the Chez - 1 800 484-2367
      "To take a brand new bag everytime I shop's a drag"

16. What Can You Do? - Jim and Dave
       Awesome Environmental Adventure -
       " If it's something that you wouldn't like in your back yard....Don't chose
        what you can't reuse use, don't buy what you can't recycle"

17. What You Gonna Leave? - Greg Trafidlo
      Old Dog New Tracks -
      "What we gonna leave each other?"

18. Garden Song - Dave Mallet
       Parellel Lives - Flying Fish/Rounder
      "Find my way in nature's chain"

19. Lay Down Your Whopper - Howlin' at the Moon
      Cassette - self
      "to save the rainforest baby, before the rainforest dies"

20. Doggie-Doo Blues - Cali Rose
      Gets Goofy -
      Cleaning up after your dog is the law.

21  Rolling in Green - Jim Gorden and Dave
    Awesome Environmental Adventure -
     "Cash for trash"

22. Bottles and Cans - Bob Norman
     To The Core - Night Owl Records
     "I've been tossed out like these bottles and cans"

23. Roadside Art - David Wilcox
      East Ashville Hardware - Fresh baked Records
      How about cleaning up your own yard?

24. How about Changing Your Mind - Jay Mankita
      Jay Mankita cassette -
      You change other things - underpants, oil, water in your tofu..


25. Metal Drums - Patty Larkin
     Live in the Square - Philo
     "63 million.. that won't bring back their children"

26. Radiation Train - Tom Nielson
     Dancin Shoes - Roaring Jelly 413 665 3864
     "My town and your town"

27 Hot Frogs on the Loose - Fred Small
     Everything's Possible - Flying Fish/Rounder
     "Radioactive...look out for the tongue"


28. White Wings - Magpie
     Seed on the Prarie - Long Tail Records
     "We'll keep working and singing til these waters run clean"

29. Robert Forrest - Frannie Gates
     EP - 704 696 3659
     "Swoosh, chop!"

Taking a Stand

30 Mountain Song - (Holly Near) Geri Gribi
   The Womansong Collection -
  "You may drive a big machine but I was born a strong woman"

This show will be added to the Christine Lavin Folk Plus cassette chain club.