Folk Pus May 15 99 That was then, this is now:

Today's show is THAT WAS THEN, THIS IS NOW
I'll be airing new cd's prefaced by a cut from an LP or cd anywhere from
5 to 21 years earlier.

THEN 1984
1. Shel Silverstein   An Invitation
   Where the Sidewalk Ends Columbia Rec. cassette
51 West 52 Street NY, NY

2. Shel Silverstein  Some Kind of Help
   (Tommy Smothers singing) Free to Be Me and You

So that was Shel then, and of course now he has passed on from a heart attack.

Before an interview with Cliff Eberhardt about his new release "Borders" I went back to 1984 to 107 MacDougal St and a live recording from a club that I managed called Speak Easy.

THEN - 1984
3. Cliff Eberhardt    Nickel and Dime
FF Dec.1984

NOW - 1999
4. Interview with Cliff
 Cliff Eberhardt   Wrong Side of the Line
Borders - Red House

(NEXT YEAR a cd of covers with Nina Gerber)

THEN - 1987
5. James Keelaghan - Fires of Calais
    Timelines - Dirty Linen
    No one puts history to guitar like Keelaghan

NOW -1999
6. James Keelaghan - Love what a Road
Road - Hightone records
More of Keelaghan "the romantic"

THEN 1968
7. Ian and Sylvia - You were on My Mind
Best of Ian and Sylvia vanguard (no date but AGES ago)

NOW - 1999
8. Ian Tyson Brahmas and Mustangs
    Lost Herd - Vanguard

NOW - 1999
8. Sylvia Tyson - Diamond Love
    Gypsy Cadillac - Silver City Rec.

THEN - 1985
9. Lucy Kaplansky - Spotlight
    With the Song Project

NOW - 1999
10. Lucy Kaplansky - Turn the Lights Back on
Ten Year Night - Red House

THEN - 1991
11 Devonsquare - If you Could See Me Now
By Bye route 66 - Atlantic

NOW - solo 1999
12. Tom Dean - Love is always Gonna Look Like You
Your Own Backyard - Dev Productions 15 Oak St North conway NH 03860

THEN - 1975
13. Roches - If You Emptied out All Of Your Pockets
Produced by Paul Simon with whom Maggie had
been attended writing classes
Seductive Reasoning (Maggie and Terre Roche only) (1975)

THEN - 1980
14. Roches - My Sick Mind
      Nurds - Warner Borothers
      All three Roche Sisters

NOW 1997
15. Suzzy Roche - Crash
      Holy Smokes - Red House
     Now Suzzy has a solo release and Terre is soon to follow

THEN - 1995
16. Susan Werner - Last of the Good Straight Girls
      Last of the Good Straight Girls - Private Music

NOW - 1999
17. Susan  Werner Bring `Round the Boat
     Time Between Trains - Bottom Line Rec. Co.

THEN 1990 with Alan MacLeod
18. BillBourne - I Love Jeanne
      Dance and Celebrate -

THEN - 1994 with Shannon Johnson
19. BillBourne -Dear Madonna
    Dear Madonna   Rynde records

NOW - 1998 - solo
20 Bill Bourne - Louis Collins - Sallys Dream
     Ragged Pup Records

THEN - 1987
21 David Wilcox  Nighshift Watchman
     Nightshift Watchman - self 704 669 7675

NOW - 1999
22. David Wilcox - Never Enough
      Underneath - Vanguard

THEN - last gig was May 1 1999
23. Nudes Hands around Your world
      Velvet Sofa - Acoustic America records

NOW - 1999 for stephanie as Feng Shui consultant
Walter moving to Nashville.

Changing personnel

24.Tamarack has had many personel changes over 24 years.
James Gordon has announced he will now work solo, releasing 2
CD's of his own. Over the years he has sung with Alex Sinclair, Melanie Doane, Jane Sibery,  Gwyn Swick and Molly Kurvink among others.
Lonesome Cowboy's lament - Farther Along SGB Records

Two individuals who have joined forces
NOW 1999
25. Ani DeFranco and Utah Philips
      The most dangerous woman
       Fellow Workers Righteous Babe Rec.