Folk Plus May 22 99
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I call this show:  If you like........then this CD's for you!

If you like...Irish legend, lore of Celtic women, dulcimer, pipes, flute, harp and beautiful high women's voices ....then this CD is for you...

1. Women of Ireland    Ceoltoiri
    The Cruel Sister -

If you like ....collaborative CDs with odd references and occasional naughty words... then this CD is for you.

2. Collaborations     Chris Chandler (and)...
    No one I could talk about this with (and Catie Curtis on this one)   1 800 PrimeCD

If you like..... the depth of a women?s journey through both the strength and love of independance on the one hand, and the lonliness of being single on the other..... then this CD is for you...

3. Songweaver     Amy Carol Web
     Did You Spend last Night Like Me -

4. Songweaver     Amy Carol Web
    I Come From Women

If you like..... songs about 20th centrury American Social movement...then this CD is for you...

4. Pay Day at Coal Creek    David Rovics
    Death of Mother Jones

If you like....a collaboration of defiance, disobediance and solidarity
celebrating the labor force and bucking the downsizing corporations ..then this CD is for you...

5. Fellow Workers    Ani Difranco and Utah Phillips
    The Most Dangerous Woman  Righteous Babe Rec.

6. Fellow Workers   Ani Difranco and Utah Phillips
    Stupid's pledge  ( above)

If you like.... beautiful tasteful acoustic guitar...then this CD is for you...

7. Acoustic Movies   David Allison

If you like stories in songs and a really really cute album cover (a three year old boy laying in a guitar case afloat on a lake) then....this CD is for you...

8. Family Tree - Darrell Scott
    My Father's House -

9. Family Tree - Darrell Scott
    I Never Had a Sister -

If you like......other stories about being one of four boys and other kids memories delivered in a skillfull guitarist whose soft careful voice draws you quietly...then this CD is for you....

10 Sketch    Michael McNevin
     Mr. Mayes

If you like...hearing traditional tunes to build your living room repertoire then...this CD is for you...

11. Traditional Music and More....Acoustic Mayhem
      Froggie Went a Courtin'

If you like...sage-like thoughts of childhood, motherhood and character building delivered by a youthful voice in melodies you'll find yourself singing long after the CD is over....then CD is for you...

12 The Child Behind My Eyes    Laurie McClain
     When You Forget to Hide

I you like....loud, energetic men with bass, fiddle, and guitar with a sound that bounces on stage or on record...then this CD is for you...  (They think I didn?t play their first CD because they kept me up all night at the Folk Alliance in the room next door singing....and I love Stan Roger songs as much as the next guy, but from midnight til 3 am!! when we have to all "rise again" by 9am?.)

13. Full Throated Abandon   Tanglefoot
      Seven a Side

If you like ..the sound of male and female couples doing moving tunes with good vocals,  guitar, piano and emotional harmonies...then this CD is for you...

14. Vignettes     The Winstons
      Heart of Stone -

If you like....solid guitar, a great male voice, exuding the strength in years of performance, (with curly Boy Stubbs)...then this CD is for you...

15  Seems to Me    Bill Garrett

If you like music tipped less on the folk scale and more on the side of  loud rock songs about cars, or cars, then....this CD is for you...

16.  50 Odd Dollars      Fred Eaglesmith
       Mighty Big Car       Razor and Tie

If you like the....rough gritty sound of a good female vocalist like Joplin or Karen Sovoca then.....this CD is for you...

17. From There to Here     Too Human
      I Wonder Why

If Christine Lavin....then this CD is for you...

18. The Stealth Project (Music Under Radar) Christine Lavin produced
      Let the Rain COme Down - Lori Lieberman

If you love harp music...then this CD is for you...

19. Dream of Caledonia   Debbie Brewin-Wilson
      Anochd Gur Faoin/Mo Chadal Dhomh
       Jersey Pine Productions 908 905 0934

If you like lyrically driven music with the aged male delivery of a Utah Phillips but in Canadian style then....this CD is for you...

20. A Candle For Durruti    Al Grierson
      The Resurrection 512 462 0308

If you like.....history of New Jersey, especially southern Jersey...then this CD is for you...

21 Sea sand and Pines   James Halifko
     Molly Pitcher

If you like...soft lulling vocals with solid musianship in an album that conjurs up Mexico and the great Southwest in song...then this CD is for you...

22. Vertical land    Stuart Whitford
      The Mexican Sky

If you want to discover a new female singer who is not the common names you hear in the folk circuit but has a that "je ne sais quoi'...then this CD is for you...

23. The Roots Run Deep     Anke Summerhill
      From Up here - Sky & Earth Music Utah
      Produced by Kate MacLeod

Ended with Keelaghan who is playing locally next Friday night at Bodles.

24. ROAD    James  Keelaghan