Folk Plus June 19 1999 - Fathers Day

Childrens' views of their dads, joys and struggles of being a dad
and mothers views of dads....all today on Folk Plus

1. My Dad's Yard - Catie Curtis
    Truth From Lies - Guardian
     Whatever you can?t find in my dad's yard will be in his heart

2. My Father's Garden - Kat Eggleston
    Second Nature - Waterbug
     And he sends her daffodils every year

3. Pals Forever Dad - Jim Henry
    Jacksonville - Signature Sounds (below)
    Sitting right next to my hero on our way to Illinois

4. Maryland Country Road - Erica Wheeler
    The Harvest - Signature Sounds
       800 694 5354
    How do dads know all that stuff when we drive around?

5. A Farmer of Love - Kim Person Lana Puckett
    Windows of Life - Cimirron/Rainbird Rec 804 898 8155
"    A man of simple pleasures, whose needs in life were few"

6. My Father Was a Quiet Man - Smith Sisters
    Canary?s Song -
     "My advice came from an inner inner voice and daddy go walking hand in hand"

7. My Father's Only Son - Carrie Newcomer
    My Father's Only Son - Philo
    "never talk much in a fishing boat.."

8. Me and My Father - Cosy Sheridan
    Saturn return
    "I can't pretend (I'm not) daddy's little girl"

9. Daddy?s Oldsmobile - Dave Mallett
    In the falling Light - Vanguard
    Reading by the dashboard light

For Dads who are not living with their children:

10. Dad and Me - John McCutcheon
      Summersongs - Rounder
      Riding on a train, going to my dad, wondering how my summer is gonna be
      "Summertime is time for dad and me?

11. When I go To See My Son - Tom Paxton
      Wearing the Time - Sugar Hill records
      "When I bring my son back home we don't talk much in the car"

12. Hold on To That Heart - Pierce Pettis
      Making Light of
     "I used to have a wife, used to have a life.."
     "I saw you being born...I just hope you know, daddy loves you so, though Im  not always there to hold you? "

13. April 22nd, Somerville, Mass. - Annie Gallup
      Backbone - Primecd
     "Somewhere there is a stranger with my hands, and her mother's hair"

14. Unintentional Seed - Ron Reninger
      Vanishing Breed - Vienna
      I was too young to listen, when you said "Lets just sleep"

15. You Sure Would Look Cute in a Paternity Suit - Debbie Diedrich
      Going the
      "You really are the father of this baby"

16. The Children?s Entertainer - Nancy White
       Momnipotent -
       "Someone help me.......Honey I'm home!"

17. Working Joe (for dad) - Stan Rogers
      Northwest Passage - Fogarty?s Cove Music
      "too many bills to pay...falling into bed "

18. Lehigh Valley Line - Eric Garrison
      Looking for Egypt -
      "She can see him now in his their boys he was a hero"

Four dads that are gone:

19. My dad?s Song - Debbie Diedrich
      Going the Distance -
       "My dad would have made a great old man"

20. My Father?s Blue Eyes - Burns Sisters
      In This World - Philo
      "They buried my father today"

21. Crash - Suzzy Roche   for her dad Jack
      Holy Smokes - Red House
      "as if I didn?t know he is never coming back"  (for her dad Jack Roche)

22. Home - Nightsun
      Home -
      "I said goodbye to my dad on a hospital bed, the ringing of machines all around his head....
get away from here daddy, find your way home"

A dad that is gone but not dead

23. Your Loving Son - Mark Fisher
      Birthmark - White Rec. 508 630-1356
      what could I have done to make you "leave us all behind?
      "your soul was the only one you meant to save"

24. My Father?s Shoes - Cliff Eberhardt
      The Long Road - Windham Hill
      "Even tho it may be right for you"

25. 75 Septembers - Cheryl Wheeler
      Philo So Far - Philo
      "...come and gone"

26. Sweet Loving Daddy - Jesse Winchester
     Gentleman of leisure -
      "How could you have taken a downtown man
for a sweet loving daddy like me? "

27. Big Hat, No cattle - Randy Newman
      Bad Love -
      "I'm lying to my children and my wife"

28. My Father?s Mansion - Richard Berman
      Dreamer -
       "theres over 20 rooms here, not enough for me"

29. Here?s to the Kids - Kevin Woodward
      Free -
      "that are different..."

30 Parents are people - Rosie Greer
     Free to be You and Me - cassette
      "daddys are people...(who) used to be boys.."