Folk Plus for July 3rd 1999

On the Saturday between Canada Day (July 1) and Independance Day (July 4).  I decided to hightlight some of the performers at this year's Ottawa Folk Festival; a great blend of talent from the two countries.  It will be August 27th weekend.. The drive is manageable between meals, and the exchange rate is in our favour.  (Canadian spelling!)

C:  1.  Stephen Fearing   -   The Longest Road
     The Assassin's Apprentice  -
      "in  a world where everyone is always leaving I was trying to keep my fingertips on

A:  2.   Trout Fishing in America  -  There's a Panther in Michigan
      Who are these People   -
       " and he's crossing the border into Indiana"

C:  3.  Beth Ferguson Joy will be There
           Inside Talking
           "called to follow an inner map"

A:  4.  Annie Gallup  -  Saint Fido
           Courage My Love -
           "saw lipstick on your collar....and I didn't turn away"

C:  5.  Matapat  -  Matapat
           Matapat -
           "Use your paw, he's got my cough" -from the french!

A:  6.  Lucy Kaplansky, Dar Williams, Richard Shindell - Cold Missouri Waters
          Cry Cry Cry  -  Razor and Tie
           "I've had my say I'll confess to nothing more"

C:  7.  Lynn Miles  -  I Know it was Love
          Slightly Haunted  -  Philo
          "we could have burned thw whole place down"

A:  8.  Lucy Kaplansky Scorpion
          Flesh and Bone  -  Red House 800 695 4687
          "I'm gonna sting you with a kiss from my lips"

C:  9.  Laura Smith No Call For Mercy
           Between the Earth and My Soul  -902 429 9005
           "having a heart makes sense"

A:  10.  Dar Williams - When I was a Boy
             Honesty Room -  Razor and Tie (above)
             "just a small boy on her bike"

C:  11.  James Gordon Robin Hood's Bay
           Pipe Street Dreams  -
            "If things ever go our way"

A:  12.  Richard Shindell Summer Wind, Cotton Dress
       Blue Divide-  Schanachie
       "This is how I remember you best"

C:  13.  Eve Goldberg - Having a drink with Jane
           Ever Brightening Day -
             "When the world is too cold and I'm feeling too old"

A:  14.  Karen Savoca - Thats how I remember
           Sunday in Nandua -
             "Between 3 summers since last I saw her face"

C:  15.  Rick Fielding - Angus Fraser
           Lifeline - Folk Legacy Rec.
             "I worked the mills in Cornwall, fished in Newfoundland"

A:  16.  Chuck Brodsky Radio
           Radio  -  Red House
             " a little man inside it perhaps his only friend"

C:  17.  Jennifer Noxon  -  Gotcha
           Watch as You Walk  -
            "They said it was all in my head"

A:  18.  Vance Gilbert - Hey La Dee Dah
           Shaking off Gravity  -  Philo
            "he's whistling Sinatra, he is married to you"

C:  19.  Lynn Miles Sunset Blvd
           Night in a Strange Town - Philo
            "the Marlboro man is waiting"

A:  20  Bill Morrissey  -  Married for money
           You'll Never Get to Heaven - Philo
            "and she never looked back"

C:  21.  Laura Smith  -  One Suitcase
            Its a Personal thing - 902 429 9005
            "one suitcase will carry all I need"

A:  22.  Chuck BrodskyBill and Annie
           Letters in the Dirt -  Red House Records
             "Do you think I did the right thing?"

C:  23.  Stephen Fearing - Bells of Morning
           Blue Line
             "If we can face ourselves"

A:  24.  Trout Fishing in America - All I want is a Proper Cup of Coffee
             Big Trouble -
             "made in a proper copper coffee pot"

C:  25.  Beth Ferguson - For You Johnny
             Inside Talking -
             "June 1910, outside your daddy's house"