Folk Plus for July 10 99

From Blues to Humour

1. Am I Too Blue   -  Lucinda Williams
    Lucinda Williams     -PO Box 803 N Hollywood CA 91603
    "cry like the sky"

2. - A Little Bluer Than That  Irene Kelley

3. Love Hurts Sarah Elizabeth Campbell
     Running With You - Dejadisc 512 392 6610
     "Some fools fool themselves"

4. If You're Not Dead - Ratsy
     Squished Under A
      "If you're not dead, why don't you call"

5.   Mr Feasible  -  Kathy McMearty
    Mr. F.E.A.S.I.B.L.E.      610 666 1063
    “There’s a better chance of a terrorists kidnapping you”
     (than finding a man)

6. A Mismatch Made in Hell - John Forster
    Helium - Philo
    “I was a tide wad, she was a spending spree”

7. Regretting What I said - (by C. Lavin) Chenille Sisters
    The Chenille Sisters - Red House
     “I’m sorry but I’m still mad at you”

8. If (Dueling Paranoias) - Lou & Peter Berryman
    Double Yodel -
     .....”then I’ll be here”

9. Taller Than My Hair - David Roth
     Another Side of David Roth - 1 800 484-2367 D A V E
     “I’m simply growing taller than my hair”

10. Why Not Try Right Now - BOBS
      I Brow Club - Rounder
      “By next Friday you will be a robot”

11. Unworthy - Cheryl Wheeler
      Sylvia’s Hotel - Philo
      An endless list of “I should” ‘s

12. A Habit I’ll Have to Kick - Artisan
      Our Back Yard -
       “I’ll make a habit of kicking the habit”

13. Parking Lot - Wiggin Sisters
      Minnesota -
      “I lost my car in the parking lot”

14. Oh No - Christine Lavin
      One Wild Night -
      “Oh no I’m looking for my glasses again”

15. Adolescent Rant - Don White
      Brown Eyes Shine -
      Who had a teen? Look how tired these people are.

16. Stupid - Don White
      “yelling at my kids for behaving like me”

17. Misery Loves Company - New Middle Class
      test pressing -
      (e mail them and tell them to get this out already)

18. Viagra in the Waters - Camille West
       Diva’s Day Off -
      “She knew something was up as he stood naked at the table”

19. Talk to My Lawyer - Chuck Brodsky
      Letters in the Dirt - Red House

20. PMS - Cosy Sheridan
       Late Bloomer -
      “Made me the monster that I am”

21. Talking Role Reversal - Aileen Vance
      Sweet Life -
      “How could you prove you weren’t willing”

22. Stroller Ladies - Nancy White
       Momnipotent - Songs for Weary Parents -

23. Buy me This and Buy Me that - Cathy Fink/Marcy Marxer
     Changing Channels - Rounder
     “do you think money grows on trees”

24. Why Can’t I Have Nintendo - Anne Feeney
      Look To The Left - Bx 91111 Nashville, TN 37209
      “I'm almost 10 it's time we had a talk"

25. Day Care Blues - Trout Fishing in America
      Big Trouble -
      “I’ve already spent 7 hours in school being nice!”

26. Therapy Fund - Cathy Fink/Marcy Marxer
      A Parents’ Home Companion - Rounder
      “You say that you were toilet trained too early..”

27. Vance Rants/Country Western Rap - Vance Gilbert
      Laugh Tracks Vol. 1. - Shanachie
      “Yodel eh hee.....pshu boom pshu boom”

28. Rex Bob Lowenstein - Carol Elliott
      People I Meet -
      “Thanks for playing moon River last night”

29. Chocolate - Chenille Sisters
       Mama, I Wanna Make Rhythym - Red House
       " I can't surviva without my Guidiva"

30 Yuppies in the Sky - Tom Paxton & Co.
      Laugh Tracks vol 2 - Shanachie
      Condos for Sale, condos to buy”

31. Nobody Loves You - Electric Bonsai Band
      I am Joe's Eyes - Yellow Tail Records
      " you do"