Folk Plus Saturday July 17 99

Thoughts about prejudice, that which divides us and that which unites

1. Tiger in New Jersey - Julie Gold
     Single - Cherry Lane Music 212 561 3000
     “41 times they assured you you’d go down in history...”
     They don’t let you live in peace, they don’t let you die in peace”

2. Never Ceases to Amaze Me - Terri Allard
      “One man sees your soul, another sees your skin”

3. Jacob Weintraub - Richard Berman
     Dreamer - Aries Records -
      “Why’d we let him in this country”

4. Just Like You (I’m an American) Kevin So
    Along the Way -
    “My last name’s Wong but I’m and American”

5. Natives - Rankins
     Endless Seasons -
     “For all of our languages we can’t communicate”

6. Silent Too Long - Steve Cohen
    Silent Too Long -
    “This kind of treatment, nobody deserves”
     “Don’t ask, don’t tell....”

7. Everyone Knows - Peggy Seeger
    An Odd Collection - Rounder
    “ can’t trust a woman”

8. Kiri’s Piano - James Keelaghan
     My Skies - Green Linnet
    “They were not like me”

9. Guinevere and the Fire - Lui Collins (by Fred Small)
     Stone by Stone -
     “7 hours til dawn she waited for the safety of the light”

10. Appearing at Bodles August 1st 99
     Glad Rags Again - Jez Lowe
     The Parish Notices - Green Linnet
      “If I only knew now all the things that I knew then”

11. Sir Eglamore - Kate Rusby
      Hourglass -
     “The knight was sorry for his sword”

12. Ar Fad la la lo - Broadside Electric
      Amplificata - Clever Sheep Rec
       gaelic tune with great harmonies

13. Appearing at Turning Point July 22 99
      Mr. Everything - Too Human
       "I put my faith in our future"

Read a notice from the Jeffersonville Village Board banning outside water use, because of drought-like conditions. Of course our reservoirs serve NYC.

14. Dog Days of Summer - Barbara Hollek
      Violet Fog -
      “ I lost him, then I lost you”

This began a set of “non-houselhold” folk names but
great CD’s non-the-less

15. Black Stallion - Cheryl Hoenemeyer
      Dark Horse -
      “Will you show me my dreams”

16. Your Love is Everywhere - Laurie McClain
        Child Behind My Eyes -
       “staring at the flowers you gave me.....”
       “I will never take you for granted, for I know what you are worth”

17. The Damage was Done - Cindy Kalmenson
       Let Me Out Here - Big Gack
       “Don’t try to make it up by sending me another boquet”

18. It Wasn’t Me - Irene kelley
     Simple Path -
      “I dont beleive in living in the past, and I won’t take the blame for yours”

19. Is This Water? - Carla Sciaky
      Awakening -
     “It’s in my body, not just

20. Late - Helen Lewis Moore
     Whenever The Music Plays -
    “I was fashionably late before it was the trend”

21. Suburban Shaman - Holly Tannen
      Rime of the Ancient matriach -
      “Joseph Campbell wannabees”

22. Living His Life - Lisa McCormick
      Seven Solos -
      “a silohuette that cancels out its corresponding soul”
      “someday she’ll wake up and wonder where’d her chances go”

23. Onward from Here - Erica Wheeler
       Three Wishes -
       “it don’t matter if I’ve got no angel wings”

24. Nobody’s Angel - Lynn Miles
       Chalk This One Up to the Moon - Snowy River Rec.
       “OK I know I’m nobody’s angel, well I know I’m no one’s fool”

25. Waiting for the Good Humour Man - Hugh Blumenfeld
      Mozart’s Money - 1 800 PRIMECD
       "and go pee in the pool"

26. No Choice - Buddy Mondlock
       Poetic Justice - Bob Doyle and Assoc.
      1109 17th Ave S. nashville TN 37212
      “Where the love spilled out they called it art”