Folk Plus for July 24 1999

Today was a fund raisor.  I contructed my set in such a way as to pay tribute to some of the other programming  that we bring listeners each week.

1.  To honor Jonathon Mernit's  "Soul Serenade" Saturday 10 - 12pm
     B B King Was Wrong  -  John Gorka
     I Know - Red House

2.  To honor Ursala Good's "Cafe Ursala" Friday afternnons 1 - 2pm:
     Marie Trottoir - Edith Piaf
     Potpourri Par Piaf

3.  To honor Maureen Neville's  "Riverside Cafe" Saturdays 2:30 - 3:30
      Go To the Water - Kat Eggleston
      Outside Eden -

4.  To honor Car Talk Saturdays at 10:
     Dixie Flyer - Randy Newman
     Land of Dreams

5.  Last week I played that was misundersttod by a listener.  I read a note from the author explaining the purpose and origion of the tune.   I invited callers to respond after I played the tune again.  This was to honor Walter Keller's Tuesday night talk back show "The People Talk Back":
     Jacob weintraub  -  Richard Berman
     Dreamer  -
(One caller said that he too was from Boston and that his grandfather also had to change his name also.)
(Another stated that the subtlety could be lost in the very biting stereotypical phrases used in the chorus)

6  To honor Tuesday noon - 2pm, "Music From the Stage" with Muriel and Marty:
     Stars  -  from Les Miserables
     We gave away a air of tickets to the Forestburgh Playhouse as a premium.

7.  To honor our kids show, the first Saturday afternoon of each month:
      Don't Bring it Home - Rosenshontz
     Its the Truth - Lightyear Records  350 5th Ave Suite 5101 NYC 10118

8.  To honor Wednesdays 7:30 - 9pm Kae Kotarski's "Emotional Rescue":
     Have I Told You Lately That I Love You - Van Morrison with the Chieftains
     Long Black Veil  -  BMG Music NYC

9.  To honor Sonja Hedlund's "Ballads and Banjoes" Saturday mornings 6 - 8am:
      Sail to the Sea - Connie and Paul
      My Father's Songs -

10.  To honor "Thistle and Shamrock" aired Saturdays 3:30 - 4:30:
       Arise and Dress Yourself - Ceoltoiri
        Maggie's Music sampler  -
        We offered a pair of tickets to a local Irish Weekend as a premium.

11.   To honor "Radio Ed" with Steve Richter Friday nights at 7:30 - 9:
        Doctor My Eyes - Jackson Browne

13.  To honor Friday night's "Out Loud and Queer" with Kathy and Scott 10 - 11pm
       Uncle John  - Susan Werner
       Midwestern Saturday Night - self

14.  To honor "Down by the River" with Donna Cooper Carrington Sundays 3 - 4pm
       God Believes in You - Pierce Pettis
       Everything Matters -

15.  To honor "The Opera Show" Sundays 7 - 10pm:
       Good thing He Can't Read My Mind - (C.Lavin) Megon McDonough
       Big League Babe - Chrisitne Lavin tribute Album Pt 1.- Prime CD

16.  To honor Maris Hearn's "Gumbo Shop" Tuesday 7:30 - 9pm:
       Hostpital workers - Rebel Voices
       Warning Women at Work - Seattle WA

17.  To honor Jesse Ballew's "Jambalaya"
       Wish that I could Sing Like Johnny Cash - Jazzabels

18.  To honor Loafer's Glory 10 pm on Tuesday nights:
        Direct Action - Utah Phillips and Ani DeFranco
        Fellow Workers - Righteous Babe Records

19.  As an inticement for the October area Bluegrass Old Time festival:
       SomedayJones and Leva
       Light Enough to find My Way- Rounder

20.  To honor Classical Programming throughout the week:
        Intro to Snoopy's Classical Classiks on Toys
        An entire CD of classical music played on children's musical intstruments
        Lightyear Ent.  350 5th Ave Suite 5101 NYC 10118

21.  Ending with Ellis and Driving off to Falcon Ridge:
       She Loves  a Girl - Ellis Paul
        Translucent Soul - Philo

At Falcon Ridge I arrived late due to the fact I had stayed to earn fund raising money. There was afternoon rain and crowded camping.  Cars were sliding in the mud on the campsite areas.  Camping in damp mud and got very little sleep.  I awoke to a flat tire and spent the morning remedying that, after which I gave in to fate and drove home.