WJFF's Folk Plus Saturday July 31 1999

Today on Folk Plus I aired artists who live within the WJFF potential
listening area and slightly beyond: The Catskills, North Eastern Pa,
Upper NJ, Hudson River towns and towns in Sullivan County.

Most people say that their cars pick up the signal better than their homes!
The signal varies due to the mountainous nature of our area.

1. From Malden on Hudson NY

Jay Mankita - Living Planet
cassette - jaym@earthlink.com 800 268-8458
"I dont know where we're going but we're going far"

2. From Katonah, NY

Sloan Wainwright - Mountain of Sense
From Where You Are - www.waterbug.com
"When I tell you I need you in my life, it's not a scam"

3. From Hastings NY

Pat Humphries - You Can Tell (I'll Be There)
(not yet on CD) -from WJFF's studio interview last year on
WJFF's "Gumbo Shop" with Maris Hearn.
"Mom I'm so confused...they told me not to tell you"

4. From Jefferson Valley, NY

New Middle Class - I Was Born
CD - preliminary and rough Mixes 3/98 - newmiddle@aol.com
"All that really matters is me!"

5. From Callicoon Center

Callicoon Center Band - Washington Post March
taped last Wednesday from Callicoon Center NY
a 65 year old tradition of free band music in Sullivan County

6. From Peekskill

Too Human - All Fall Down
From There To Here - boenel@cyburban.com
"Hands over hearts now"

7. From Youngsville:

Mike Vreeland - Wake Up Dad!
Are We There Yet?      vreeland@catskill.net
Comical music for children (and their parents!)

8. From Catskill NY

Scott Petito & Leslie Ritter - Somehow Loves Grows
In the Silence - spotmuse@aol.com
a very active couple in both performance and recording

9. From Newton NJ

Luke Liddy - The Night His Reputation Lost Its Shine
Imperfection - Sidewalk Records 201 383 1258
A true story from Luke's uncle who issued a ticket to a man
for drunk driving and was later thanked by the man.
"It placed a mirror by his life "

10. From Chester N Y

Red Grammer - Hold Me Tonight
Stealth Project - rednote@dreamscape.com
"You breathe into me, my hopes and my dreams"

11. From Port Jervis NY -singer Will Hoppey
From Grahamsville NY -author - Stu Kabak

Friends You Love the Most - e koos tik   will@bagocats.com
"Raise a glass share a toast"

12. From West Hurley NY

Jay Unger and Molly Mason - Hard Times (Foster)
Civil War Classics - RD1 Box 489 W. Hurley NY 12491
An active couple in our fundraising efforts

13. Growng up in Liberty NY (now living in NYC)

Duane Michael Tucker - O and W
Moonlight Row - rugslob@aol.com
The whole Catskill hotel resort area florished with thousands coming
here by train. These resort defined the economics for the area
for so long. (I live in the home of the once Maitre D of Grossingers).
"They tore up the rails in 1958"

14. From Callicoon Center

Callicoon Center Band - Happy Birthday
Taped on last wed night.
Dedicated to August birdthday listeners
A 65 year old tradition in the Callicoon Center Gazibo attened this
evening by one of the original band members!

15. From Liberty NY (now in Nashville)

Helen Lewis Moore - If She's Not Me
Whenever The Music Plays -
"If Shes not me, then shes not for you"

16. From the Hudson River area:

Mindy Jostyn - Calamity Jane
Cedar Lane - jay@gehrung.com
www.mindyjostyn.com 888 MJOSTYN
"Come away come away..." nshoremgt@tgic.net

17. From Warwick NY

Big Cow - Sweet Chantilly Lace
Squeeze, Wiggle and Slide - PO box 146 Warwick NY 10990
"All songs arranged and underporduced by BIG COW"
Nice harmonies, mandolin, banjo guitar and accordian

18. From North East Pa area

Charles Parente - Row a Little Boat songclp@hotmail.com
Clear Across the Water - 1 877 SONG-CLP
A song about the importance of mastering basics.

19. From Nyack NY

John Forster - Figaro Todd
Helium- Philo - www.rounder.com
"The demon barber...."
John currently is running an off-broadway show at the Variety Arts
Theatre 3rd Ave in NYC "A Good Swift Kick"

20. From Callicoon NY and NYC

Jack Hardy (at 22) - Ballad of McLaughlin*
from 1970 - "The Brown Album" - Great Divide Records
Box 385 Callicoon, NY 12723
*No John, not you

21. From the Corner of CT a local at the Towne Crier in Pawling

Eric Garrison - Walk Away Renee
Looking For Egypt - egarri5110@aol.com
singing with Rex Fowler

22. From Westport CT, frequenting theTowne Crier and Middletown

Wiggin Sisters - Angel Girl
Wiggin Sisters - 10 Blind Brook Rd Westport CT 06880
"You mama's only 17"

23. Playing in NE Pa area

Simple Gifts - Wind That Shakes the Barley
A Place Just Right - pobox 968 Lemont Pa 16851

24. From Port Jervis NY playing Greenwood Lake NY tonight

Will Hoppey - Lover's Lament
Lonely Hotel - www.bagocats.com

25. From Hastings NY

Pat Humphries - Swimming to the Other Side
Same Rain - movingfwd@mindspring.com
"We are washed by the very same rain"

26. From England, but playing Bodles in Chester tomorrow night:

Jez Lowe - Propping (up walls)
The Parish Notices - grnlinnet@aol.com,minervaCH@aol.com
Lowe Life Music Box 25 Peterlee COunty Durham SR8 3YZ UK
"the same street back a hundred years or so"

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