Saturday Folk Plus August 21 99

Leaving a love thats not right -

1. The Nonchalants - Drive
    Drive -
    "Its a mighty big state populated with people who ain't you"

2. Knots and Crosses - Apparitions
    There Was a Time - 800 694 5354
    "I took the past, laid it to rest"

3. Alison Krauss - Forget About It
    Forget About It - Rounder
    "If we meet don't think I'm trying to reconcile"

4. Bill Parsons - Breakup School
    Special Delivery - Bill@Songs.Com
    "I'm not going to start talking trash about you because Im bigger than that"

5. Kathy Johnson - Someday I Hope You'll Be Sorry
    SmallTown Girl - Singing Bridge Music POBox 4847 Akron OH 44310
    "Sorry is the one thing you'll never be"

6. Leslie Claussen - Take me Home
    Sketchbook -
    "I really don't want to fight anymore"

7. Terence Martin - Single File
    Division Street - Dogtown Music 845 683 1132
    "She was glad to finally stand in single file"

8. Bronwen Williams - Get a Life
    This Is Me, Is That You -
    "You had your chance to hold me and you let me go"

9. Jesse Winchester - Just Cause I'm in Love With You
    Gentleman of Leisure -
    "Every time you hurt me I grow a little stronger"

10. Ina May Wool - J'ai gagne
     Moon over 97th Street -
     "You lose one man --you find ten"

11. Richard Shindell - Are You Happy Now?
     Sparrows Point - Shanachie
     "I hope that whats-his-name treats you well"

12. Devonsquare - If You Could See Me Now
     Bye Bye Route 66 - Atlantic
     "There isn't a thing in this world I can't do without you"

13. Darcie Deaville - When I was a Child
     Tornado in Slo Mo -
     "When I was a child, my parents filed for divorce"

14. Lowry Olafson - Tara
     Back Again - 800 633 8282 River Recordings
     "Hold your pillow closer, dream about the better days ahead"

15. Robert Atyeo - Floatin' & Hummin'
     Heart Like a Rubber Ball -
     "Love is the sound of a slow train comin'"

16. Jones and Leva - Someday Soon
     Light Enough to Find My Way -
     "Someday I won't

 This hour,  the celebration of good love

17.  Irene Kelly - Pilgrim in the Rain
     Simple Path -
     "I come to you with heart in hand"

18. Paul Castle - Write Him a Letter
     Hold Out For Summer -
     "back to your arms"

19. James Keelaghan - Marabeau Bridge
     Road - Hightone Records
   "The name that I gave it was your name"

20. Red Grammer - These Are the Times
     Free Falling - Red Note Rec. 5049 Orangeport Rd Brewerton NY 13029
     "there's nothing more I'd like to do than to sit for hours next to you"

21. The Association - Cherish
     The Fabulous 60's - Dominion Ent. 15535 Medina Rd Plymouth NM 55447
     "You don't know how many times"     Ok how many of you sang along?

22. Paul Kamm & Eleanore MacDonald - The Great Highway
     Calling on Love -
     "Brown eyed Mary and Soldier Joe"

23. Bill Garrett - Like I Used to Do
     Seems To Me -  416 530 4288
     "I love you as much today as the very first time"

24. Catie Curtis - Gave Me Love
     A Crash Course in Roses -
     "I was wrong, you gave me love"

25. Lynn Miles - Middle of the Night
     Night in a Strange Town - Philo
     "I don't need candles or lace or wine...all I need is you"

26. Darryl Purpose - Mr. Schwinn
     Traveler's Code - 1 888 800 8228
     "his and her bikes, perfectly a groom and a bride"

27. Jody Kessler - A Path to the Divine
      Leap Of Faith -
      "I open up my heart to you" a song proposal to her husband

28. David M. Bailey - When We're in Love
     One More Day -
     "bought two tickets to forever"

29. Kate Wolf - Love Still Remains
      Close to You - kleidoscope records
      "You wanted more, I could say the same"