Playlist for WJFF's Folk Plus for 9/11/99       Susan's and...

In our area this fall , there will an abundance of live acoustic music.  No excuse for not getting out and enjoying some live folk music.  Before I am on the air again next week there are two fine artists.  Tomorrow night at Bodels in Chester NY (exit 126 off route 17) you can hear the great talents of Irene Kelley.  She writes for Trisha Yearwood, but she is some singer herself, listen:

1.  Irene Kelley  - Dancing Shoes
     Simple Path  -
    "We're all so proud of you"

2. Lily Tomlin/Jane Wagner  - And That's the Truth
     Marlo Thomas' Free To be a Family  -A&M  Box 118 Hollywood CA 90078
     "When I think god is watching, I dance"

And next Friday at the same club is John Gorka:

3.  John Gorka - Thorny Patch
     After Yesterday -  Red House
     "It's tough before the aftermath"

And now some artists named Susan. The first woman said that she lost the use of her hands, only to find her voice.  Since I am a lyrically driven listener, the spoken word and the melodies without accompaniment made this a great listen.

4.  Susan EllentonCamp is the Place
     Secret of My Happiness
     "we just sing cuz it feels right.. what we gonna do when camp is done?"

5.  Susan Aglukark  O Siem
     This Child -  416 744 1513  Box 404 Nakina, Ontario PoT 2Ho  Canada
     "Take the hand of one close by"

6.  Susan Graham White Brigid's Shield
     Sounding Land - Big Bay Records BOX176 Port Republic MD 20676
     888 541 6373
     "We are poets, we are dreamers"

7.  Susan McKeown and the Chanting House - Ce Leis e?
     Bones - 1 800 Primecd
     "Cast off your signs of possession"

8.  Susan McKeown, Robing Spielber, Cathie Ryan  - Mother of Mine
     Mother  -  1 800 346 2706
     "From the garden I watched the world"

9.  Susan Streitwiester - Thank You Mom
     Susan's Room - 1 800 susan is
     "Thank you mom for being so screwed up..."

10.  Susan Werner - Time Between Trains
      Time Between Trains  -
      "Feeling restless and ignored"

11.  Susan PiperBagels with Angels
      New on the Box606 Blue Bell PA 19422
      "They don't flash their halos"

12.  Sue Demel (author) Sons of the Never Wrong - Lovin' Ground
       Three Good Reasons -
       "now we walk in grown up shoes"

13  William Pint and Felicia Dale - Widow and the Devil
       Hartwell Horn  - 1 800 466 0234
      "Hell on earth or hell in hell its all the same to me"

14.  Kristina Olsen - Part Time Love
       Truth of a Woman  -
       PO Box 21 Venice CA 90294
       "I am his Wednesday girl ... I don't know him well"

15.  Garnet Rogers - Sparrow's Wing
       Sparrow's Wing - RR#1 Hannon Ontario L0R 1P0  Canada
       "We wait so long, you and I"

16.  Kaydi Johnson  -  I got your eye
        "I met you at a crossroad, I cought your eye, I kept your eye"

17  Geoff Bartley  -  Crossroad Blues
      Heat that Wind Howl
      Many a Robert Johnson tune on this cd

18.  Ramblin Jack Elliott (w/ Dave Van Ronk) - St. James Infirmary
       The Long Ride - 615 327 4646 -
       "Let her go, let her go, god bless her..she'll never find a sweet man like me"

19.  Hart Rouge - Vichten
       Une Histoire de Famille -

20  Hugh Blumenfeld  -  The Snail
      Rocket Science  -  1 800 primecd
      "Even for a slow love I am slow"

21.  Tom Kimmel  -  Nobody's Business
       Short Stories -
       "I love you like nobody's business"

22.  Luann Kowalek  -  In the Company of a Lie
       Late Night Heroes -
       "no alibi for treason"

23.  Mary Gauthier (go-shay)-  Slip of the Tongue
       Drag Queens in Limousines -
       "Love is more than a feeling it is a way of living everyday"

24.  Utah Phillips - Oatmeal
       Moscow Hold and Other Stories -
       In which his daughter finds a cockroach at the bottom of her bowl

25.  Bob Hillman - Witchcraft Lover
       Playing God -
       "She doesn't give a damn either way"

26.  Leigh Hilger - Rosalie
       Casting Shadows -
       "I saw her name listed as a tragedy of war"

27.  Kate Rusby - I am Stretched on Your Grave
       Hourglass -
       "And I'll lie here forever"

28.  Irene Kelley - Oh Mexico
       Simple Path -
      "I long to see your border town"

Again, she is playing Sunday night September 12th at Bodles.  If you go say Hi to me.