Folk Plus Playlist for September 18th 1999

Today on Folk Plus - an interview from last night with John Gorka.

Woven around the interview with Gorka were the following five tunes:

1.  I can't stop Loving You     Frank Sinatra and Count Basie Warner Brothers Rec Inc.

 2.  Cypress Tree - John Gorka -After Yesterday - Red House Records

3   St Caffeine - John Gorka   After Yesterday - Red House Records 800 695 4687

4. Next Turn of the Wheel - Garnet Rogers  Sparrow's Wing -
    "The beating of the waves was lost like a heart forever still"

5. Second Hand Face - John Gorka
    Out of this Valley - Hight Street Records
    "I know a doctor who can do the job"

This began a string of "second" songs. I used this Gorka tune to move into a set already planned after seeing a newspaper clipping at my favorite thrift shop about how a man returned over a thousand dollars found in a thrift shop garment.

6. Secondhand Story - Michael McNevin
    Secondhand Story -
   "Took a ride down to Goodwill...I pulled out a letter from brother to brother"
   "I won't know the ending, like I'll never know mine" -hey John!

7. Second Chance - Winstons
   Second Chance -
   "I leave them freedom and a second chance"

8. Second Hand Smoke - Paul Kahn
    These Ears and Eyes - Redwing Music
    Box 577575 Chicago Ill. 60657
    "second hand smoke clings to my clothes"

9. Stillness of the Night - Anke Summerhill
   Roots Run Deep - Earth and Sky Music
    PO Box 521533 Salt Lake City Utah 84152
  "We won't get those 2nd chances"

10. Hand Clapping song for Grownups - Nancy White
     Gaelic Envy - borealis
     "Down at the second cup...."

11. Second Class Species - Jim Layeaux
     Earthlings -
     "human beings - second class species..."

12. Second Effort - Stan Rogers
     Turnaround - Fogarty's Cove Music
     "Its harder to try again than it was to begin"

13. Second Effort - Lui Collins
      Baptism of Fire -
     "somehow I gotta kee from getting further down"

14. Take It around Again - Carrie Newcomer
      My True Name - Philo
      "Just too restless to try"

I asked Carrie Newcomer about Beth Lodge-Rigal

15. Start Again - Beth Lodge-Rigal
      Dreamtable -
     "Got to get up and start again"

16. Start Again - Catie Curtis
      A Crash Course in Roses - Ryko info@rykodisc
     "I can't move, I can't even breathe"

17. Second Cup of Coffee - Gordon Lightfoot
      Don Quixote - Warner Bros. LP
      "I'm on my second cup of coffe and I still can't face the day"

If you missed John Gorka and Carrie Newcomer, go see Stacey Earle in Middletown tomorrow.

18. If It Weren't For You - Stacey Earle
      Simple Gearle -
      "No time to waste, I must save my strength"
      "I never looked back, I just ran"

19. Three Women - Domestic Science Club (written by Carrie Newcomer)
      Three Women -
      "three women round the table, holding hands"

20. What I want is a Proper Cup of Coffee -Trout Fishing
      Family Music Party - trout line: 501 369-2221
      "If I can't have a proper cup of coffee in a proper copper coffee pot
I'll have a cup of tea"

21. Sex and Music - David Wilcox
      Underneath -
      "Is power of being attractivie, no, its just the attraction of power
       "They want to pave it over, make it all the same

22. Just Another Fool - Jack Williams
      Highway Back Home - OBox 5543 Columbia SC 29250
     "He ain't lame, but he can barely walk"

23. Spoon River Anthology - Anne Hills Michael Smith
      Paradise Lost and Found
     "all of our lives were intwined"