Folk Plus Playlist Saturday September 25 1999

At 4 am I called my son who is with members of his high school in Le Mans, France. He was having a good time, but admitted that the cat where he is living knows more French than he does.   It made me think of several tunes, which lead to more songs in other languages and/or about other countries.  Along the way I worked in upcoming local performances.

Appearing Oct 3rd in Middletown:
1.    Bob Franke - Je T’Adore
       Long Roads Short Visits - Daring Records
       “What are vacations for, zoot allors”
        (how about that beautiful high note at the end eh?)

Appearing Oct 22 at Bodles in Chester:

2.    Eddie from Ohio - Stupid American
       Looking out the
       “You’ve got exactly 60 seconds to tell me what you meant....”
       “Ma petite chou chou”

3.   Matapat -La Musette et Le Hautbois
      Matapat -
      “Tu m’avais fait la promesse ...”

4.   Tanglefoot - Loup Garou (werewolf)
      The Music in The Wood - 705 639 2129
      “the wolf in me and the wolf in you....”

5.   Hart Rouge - Grain De Mil
      Une Histore de Famille - Red House Rec. 800 695 4687
      “Qu’ils gagnent ou qu’il perdent, ils resteront toujours”

6.   MCGarrigles - Porte En Arriere
      The McGarrigle Hour -
      Emmylou Harris, Kate and Anna all sing in french

7 .  Susan Aglukark - (Inuit ) -Learn to Love Yourself
      Arctic Rose - EMI Canada
      Written to encourage children to be happy and accept themselves

8.  Rankins - oganaich an or-fhuilt bhuidhe/am braighe
     Endless Seasons - EMI Music Canada
     3109 American Dr. Mississauga Ont L4V 1B2 Canada
     Youth who has golden yellow hair/Braes of Margaree

9.   Connie Dover - (Irish) Fear an Bhata - The Boatman
      If Ever I Return - Taylor Park Music
      PO Box 12381, North Kansas city, Missouri 64116 USA
      “oro eile” give another shout?

10.  Clannad - Mo Mhaire
        Dulman - Shanchie Review PO Box 284 Newton NJ 07860
        Irish Gaelic tune praising a girl named Mary

11.  Dervish - Ar Eirinn ni neosfainn ce hi
       Live in Palma - 800 854 3746
      “For Ireland I won’t tell you who she is”
      (An elderly Irish gentleman called to say that he has not heard anyone sing that song for 50 years, doing it the justice it deserves, until now.)

12.  Laura Weltzer - (Hebrew) B’Makom in a Place
       Songwriter’s Notebook - 1 800 PrimeCD
       Based on a saying in Hebrew by Hillel, 1st century BC

13.   Debbie Diedrich - Auf Wiedersehen/Hamburg 1913
        Ninety Miles Out -
        “Not one of you people would be here today if it had not been for your grandad and me”

14.   Cindy Kallet/ Ellen Epstein/ Michael Cicone
         Lowlands of Holland- Angels in Daring - Overall Music
         1707 Mass. Ave Lexington, Ma 02173 617 860-0033
       “The low low lands of Holland parted my love and me”

15.   Angelique  Kidjo - Malaika
        Logozo - Island Records France
        Famous love song sung in Swahili

Appearing Oct 1 at Bodles in Chester:

16.   Ron Reninger - Jamaica
         Eldersongs -
        Ron wrote out the story of Lily Mabley who he met in a nursing home
       “My father died in a hurricane”

Liberty is having a Latin American Celebration at their arts museum. Platanos cooking, dancing, poetry, perdussion. Perfect PSA at this time. 845292 2394

17.   Tish Hinojosa - Las Marias
         Frontejas - Rounder
         1 Camp St. Cambridge, mass 02140 USA
         “No pienso en hogar ni futuro”

18.   The Trail Band - El Rorro/Jesusita En Chihuahua
         Immigrant Dreams - Trails End Box 5 Lake Oswero OR 97034
         A polka telling children to hush so Jesus can sleep

Appearing Oct 1 at Bodles in Chester:

19.   Christine Lavin - Polka-Dancing Bus Drive and the 40 Year old Mystery
         Shining My Flashlight on the Moon -

20.   Christine Lavin - Two Americans in Paris
         Shining My Flashlight on the Moon - Shanachie
         “I don’t speak the language, you lead”

Tomorrow at the Catskill Fly Fishing Center and Museum there is a troutfest with world renowned fly caster and food and music.

Tonight Trout Fishing in America at the West Kortright Centre in East Meridith N.Y.

21     Trout Fishing In America - My world
         My World -
        “Holywood wants to make a big screen movie ‘bout”

Tonight at Bodles in Chester:

22.     David Wilcox - Underneath
          Underneath - Vanguard Rec. 2700 Pa. Ave Santa Monica Ca 90404
          “Anger is all the rage”

23.    David Wilcox - Johnny’s Camero
          East Ashville Hardware - PO Box 9832 Ashville NC 28815
          An Outward Bound in Africa changes her life in America

Appearing Sunday at Bodles with Jack Williams (whose CD is stuck in my car’s player)

24.      Jory Nash - The Flyer
          One Way Down -
         “There is just a pile of wood where the rollercoaster stood”

25.    James Gordon - Too Canadian These Days
          Pipe Street Dreams -
         “No goals, no defences unlike the Toronto Maple Leafs”