Folk Plus October 02 1999  Playlist

Artists and Music of the British Isles

1. Flanders and Swann  - The English
     At The Drop of a Hat - LP (live)
    "The English are best, wouldn't pay t'pence for all of the rest"

2. Sinead O’Connor - Black Boys on Mopeds
     I Do Not Want What I Haven’t Got - Chrysalis
    “Margaret Thatcher on T.V.”

3. Dick Gaughan & Andy Irvine - Lads o’ The Fair
    Parallel Lines - Wunder Tute Musik Bergstr. 28
    Tel. 05507 / 8 46 Fax 05507 / 25 16
    “the road 'frae' Fife to Falkirk is 'lang' and cold and wet”

4. Kate Rusby - A Rose in April
     Hourglass -     800 757 2277
    “bring to me my white horse, and away to him I’ll ride”

5. Artisan - Time my People Were Free
     Rocking at the End of Time -
     10 Park Head, Birdsedge, Huddersfield HD8 8XW
     “Go down Moses, give that Pharoah a message from me”
      “I’ll send in locusts I’ll send in frogs”

6.   Mary Black - Babes in the Wood
       Babes in the Wood - Dara  56 Moore St. Dublin 1,  Ireland
     “If only life could be more simple”

7.   Sting - I’m So Happy I can’t Stop Crying
      Mercury Falling - 1 310 830 7039
     “Joint custody and a legal separation”

8.  Richard Thompson - Why Must I Plead
     I Feel So Good - Capital Rec.
     Newsletter: 43 Stroud Rd Wimbledon Pk, London SW19 8DQ
    “lies sting ...”

9. Triona ni Dhomhnaill - When I Was a Fair Maid
     Triona - Green Linnet
     “I listed in the navy for to serve the queen”

10. Dougie MacLean - Broken Wings
      Marching Mystery - Dunkeld Rec.
      Cathedral St Dunkeld, Perthshire PH8 OAW
      “we have been refused”

11.  Tracy Sands - Fields of Athenry
       Voice on the Line -
       “the prison ship lies waiting in the bay”

12.  Ed Miller - A man’s a man
       Celtic Festival 1996 - Live at Atlantis
       Big Bear Prod. Po Box 11160 Burke, Va 22009

13. Clannad - Mhaire Bruineall
      Clannad in Concert - Shanachie

14.  Jez Lowe & The Bad Pennies - Tom-Tom
       The Parish Notices - Green Linnet
       “You’ll never do better than the drum”
       “Now you know what the God’s know”

15.  Elton John - Daniel
       Love Songs - MCA
      “You see more than I”

16.  Dervish - An Spailpin Fannach
       At the End of the Day - Kellsmusic 1 800 854 3746
       “imeasc na nduichi fain seo,”
       “In these foreign lands”

17. Solas - Song of Choice (by Peggy Seeger)
         The Words That Remain - Shanachie
       “In December you may pay with your blood”

18. Mike Silver - Turning Point
       Heartland -Faymusic PoBox 748 Luton LU2 OZX
      “Some roads belong in nightmare dreams”

Appearing at The Turning Point next Wednesday:
Piermont Ave, Piermont, NY 845 359 1089

19. Sloan Wainwright - Don’t Go
      Frow Where You Are - Waterbug 800 466 0234
      “Deeply embedded in each other’s hearts”

Appearing tomorrow at the Mansion House in Middletown
Call Steve Coccia : (845) 342 0878

20. Bob Franke - For Real
       Long Roads, Short Visit   Daring Rec.  Marblehead Mass.
       "Love is forever, but for real”

From new CD’s in my collection:

21.  Half the Sky - The Warmth of Your Love
       Naked as Moonlight -
        “In this little country town”

22. Magpie - Mary Brown, Abolitionist
      Give Light - Sliced Bread Rec
       P.O.Box 606 Blue Bell, PA 19422
      “1859 Dear John, affectionate husband of mine”

23. Andrew Calhoun - The King
       Where Blue Meets Blue -
      “struggle was the lock, honor was the key”

24. Carrie Newcomer - Bare to the Bone
       Bare to the Bone - Philo
       “Wrapped in good intentions...” “When I rise, I rise in glory...”

25. Kate MacLeod - Lark in the Morning
       Trying to Get it Right -
       “I sing of lost love”

26. Darryl Purpose - Last Great Kiss of the 20th Century
      “Its Friday December 31st 1999”

27. Artisan - I’ll Sail No More
     Breathing Space -
     “I found what I was seeking on this shore”
      “From this ring I will not drift”

28. Kallet, Epstein and Cicone - The Mhairi Bhan (D.MacLean)
      Only Human - Overall Music
      “we turned her round, through the crashing spray”