Folk Plus for Saturday, October 16, 99

Today’s show begins with compilations.

Playing locally: Betty and the Baby Boomers and Stillhouse Rockers, (Settler’s Inn) Vance Gilbert, Ellis Paul, (The Mansion in Middletown) David Sutherland (Bodles)
and at the Lycian Centre tonight - Brazilian jazz drumers (341 4015)

1. Before Their Time
Priscilla Herdman (Henry lawson) - The Water Lily
"A compilation dedicated to the memory of people who died young with the hope that its music may offer comfort to people in mourning. A quantity is reserved for free distribution to bereavement support groups". The CD notes offer dozens of contacts.
POBox 222 Lyme, NH 03768

2. Family Friends and Neighbours
Gail Rundlett - Early
“To fund the construction of a garden patio at the Deaconess-Waltham Hospital in Waltham Ma. In the memory of Mary Eagan who died in 1992 from Acute Myelogenou Lukemia”

3. Days of Steel
Roland Kushner - The Guy Who Keeps it Going
"A compilation of tunes about the Steel Industry in Bethlehem Pa. Writers interviewed retired and displaced steelworkers and their families, turning their stories to song."
(Bonnie O’Donnell co-ordinator)

4. Song Along 1999
Bev Black - Sweet
An international event that encourages songwriters to create songs on four ideas chosen yearly, performed and recorded at Rasputins in Ottawa, Canada.

5. Putumayo Presents World Playground
World Muscic for kids.
Tiyre Jybda (Senegal) - Fatou You
“When I was a child, I danced around the house to Danny Kaye...the music made me so happy. Unfortunately there wasn’t much international music available” (From CD intro by Dan Storper, founder and CEO of Putumayo World Music) This is a compilation of kid’s songs from Senegal, Bolivia, Jamaica, Aurtalia, Canada, Greece, France, Congo, Brazil, Israel, Ethipia and USA.

6. Christine Lavin Presents "The Stealth Project"
Music under radio, a compilation meant to bring attention to folk music not in the heavy radio play genre yet.
Grit Laskin - Sally did you check your e mail?

7. Respond
Jen Trynin - Sad Girl
Respond benefits battered women and their children in the Boston area.   Respond Hotline 617 623 5900

8. Resurfacing
Lori Jean - Jenny
This compilation benefits a woman’s crisis center in Ottawa, Canada.
515 MacLaren, Ottawa Canada

9. Respond
Melissa Ferrick - Everything I Need

10. Free Mumia - LP
Actor - Introduction of “himself” as his voice is not allowed over the air.
Compilation of songs dedicated to US political Prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal
now 45 in jail since 1982. (301) 699 0042 Equal Justice USA

11. This song addresses the Canadian from Alberta who is on death row in Texas, waiting sometimes within the hour of his death to hear about a possible postponement.
Test pressing cassette    Nightsun   Hold On

12. The Second Annual Greenwich Village Folk Festival
Pierce Pettis - Legacy
A live recording documenting a show with D. Massengill, R. Manning, I. Weiss, C.Lavin, P. Yarrow, F. Tedesso, J Byaela, C. Eberhardt, M. Roche, R. MacDonald, and Odetta.

13.  One More Night
Vance Gilbert - Icarus
(Vance is playing Sunday -his birthday- in Middletown with his buddy Ellis Paul) A compilation to honor Club Passim and its owners, with C. Newcomer, C. Curtis, R. and B. Amador, B Staines, J Stahl, C. Lavin, Burns Sisters, R Block, K. Olsen, M. McCaslin, Kallet, Epstein & Cicone, T. Paxton, G. Bartley, G. Van Duser, B. Novick.
Don’t wait 25 years to honor live music club owners - go somwhere now!

Listeners have asked for contacts for various musicians that they cannot get in typical music stores. Other compilations are put out by record labels (such as cut 17 below) Some contacts of compilations I have been sent: (Various singers ) (Canadian Artists)   mail@primecd 800 PRIME CD (Prime Cd Artists) (Irish Compilations)   800-694-5354 (Signature Sounds Artist Compilations) 800 633 8282 (Canadian Artists) (Gadfly Artists /Greenwich Village Festival) (Rounder Artists/ Christine Lavin Songwriter Retreat Compilations) (World Music Compilations and Artists)

Tomorrow at the Mansion House in Middletown:

14. Ellis Paul - Seven
Translusent Soul - Philo
“What the cost, what the price, I'm the brunt of friends advice”
“I’m letting go cuz holding on is killing me”
“Time can be criminally slow”

Tonight at the Settlers Inn:

15. Betty and the Baby Boomers - I'll always Sing
I”ll always Sing -
“You can be sure of one thing, I’ll always sing”

At Bodles tomorrow night:

16. Dave Sutherland - Dublin Girl
Junction -
“Dancing on her heels and her toes”

17. Waterbug Artist Sampler ‘99
Susan McClelland GoForBrokeMusic@Hotmail.Com- Falling From Grace
“Only holy water can erase the stain of the faithless lovers who caused my pain”

18. Mad Pudding - Grand Hotel
Grand Hotel -
“Rot gut whiskey to sell”

19. Jerry Mills - Victim
The Real You  -
Jerry is an inspirational musician/speaker for educational gatherings.

20. Holly Tannen - Victim of Them
Rime of the Ancient

21. Luann Kowalek
Late Night Heroes -
“applogies have yet to begin”

22. Katherine Wheatley - On a Night Like This
Habits and Heroes -
“I’m afraid I might take too much”

23. New middle Class - Give it all back
New Middle Class -
“I believe in you”

24. Peter Gallway - One Kind Word
Redemption -

25. Half the Sky - Siren
Naked as Moonlight -
“Gotta get closer if I want to solve this mystery”

26. Shar Stammers - Wild Wild River
Shar Stammers - Sharon Abreu

27. Josh Morin - Sean’s Song
Rasputin’s Open Stage Compilation CD 4/1999
Music and poetry is alive in the hearts of many who do not make their living on stage. All too often very special songs and magical moments vanish from memory. This cd project hopes to inspire a few entertain many more, and keep alive some beautifully written songs.

28. Rod MacDonald- It’s a Tough Life
Into the Blue -
Box 2152 Delray Beach Florida 3347 USA
“Here in Florida... we watch the weather channel, see what’s going on up north”