Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday October 30 1999

Interview with Pierce Pettis taped October 22 99 upstairs of Bodles' Opera House in Chester, New York before his performance there that night.

When you see Pierce live, there is no fanfare. No loud flashy guitar licks though he'd be capable with his custom made 7 stringed guitar.  As you move with him through his set , he moves you. You become aware of his solid, thoughtful writing.
From the CD “Making Light of It” is a tune from which the title comes....You Move Me. Here is Garth Brooks in the version he turned to a number one hit.

    Portion of Garth's version of You Move Me

Before we hear this all the way through, lets hear from the man who was a co-creator of that song, both as a singer himself and then in an interview conducted last week upstairs at Bodles Opera House in Chester NY.

Here he is with the tune Miriam off the same CD: Pierce Pettis:

1. Pierce Pettis - Miriam
    Making Light of It. -
    “No banners were unfurled”

Interview in its entirety:

2.   Pierce Pettis - My Life of Crime (co-written with Dana Cooper)
      Making Light of It

3.  Tim O'Brien - A Mountaineer is Always Free (co-written with Pierce Pettis)
      The Crossing - Alula Records  800 932 5852

4.   Tom PrasadaRao - Sleeping Beauty
       Hear You Laughing -
     P.O. Box 5734 Takoma Pk. MD 20913 301 431 1088

5.   Garth Brooks - You Move Me (by Pierce Pettis and Gordon Kennedy)
      Sevens - Capital
     “You move me out of myself and into the fire”

6.    Buddy Mondlock - (with Tom Kimmel) Poetic Justice
       Poetic Justice - Major Bob Prod.

7.    Tom Kimmel - (with Tom PrasadaRao)  On to Something
        Short Stories -

8.    Dana Cooper - Standing in my own way
        Miracle Mile -
     “Trying too hard to please, soft in the middle”

Well Pierce picked some favorite writers, here are some of mine:

8.   Susan Werner - Time Between Trains
      Time Between Train  - Bottom Line Records
      “I count the ceiling tiles.....1,052...”

9.   Hugh Blumenfeld - Mozart’s Money
        Mozart’s Money -
       “I know a guy who wrote a song for Garth Brooks.....”

10    Darryl Scott - My Father’s House
        Family Tree -
       “A good song doesn't comes to those who chase, it comes to those who listen”

11   Michael McNevin - Jersey Jail
        Secondhand Story -
      “He had a rookie badge and a baby face, couldn't wait to take me in”

12.    Kat Eggleston - Brian
         Outside Eden -
        “I dreamed I saw Brian”

13.   James Keelaghan - Turn of the Wheel
        Recent Future - Green Linnet
       “nothing was created, no nothing was destroyed”

14.   Cosy Sheridan - Quietly Led
        Quietly Led -
        “Some days my life comes together, then it all comes apart”

15.   Annie Gallup - Max
        Backbone - Primecd
        “Looking at the stars? No... the spaces between em”

16. Dougie MacLean - Deepest Part of Me
      Marching Mystery -
     “We are not made of stone...we bend and believe”

17.  Laura Smith - It Works Great on Paper
        Laura Smith - PO Box 245 Central Station, Halifax, Nova Scotia
       ‘It affected my demeanor and my habit of dress”

18.  Richard Shindell - I Saw My Youth Today
       Reunion Hill -
       “Didn't mean to scare you, I was the one who told you not to talk to strangers”

19.   Cheryl Wheeler - Arrow
        Circles and Arrows - Philo
       “wish I could ...gaze into some gentle warm excited eyes”

20.   Artisan - Breathing Space
        Breathing Space -
       “Weave grown apart and not together when all that we need...”

21.  Carol Elliott - Roller Coaster Ride
        People I Meet -
       “When love happens...”

22    David Roth - Thank You Mr. Ryan
       Digging Through my Closet -
       About how a childless teacher can actually father hundreds...
      “You'll never know how much it meant to me”

23.   Dar Williams - February
        Mortal City - Razor and Tie PO Box 585 Cooper Station, NY, NY 10276
       “They froze up so quickly the keys and their owners”

24.  Garnet Rogers - All That Is
       Sparrows Wing -
       “Give your love and never count the cost”

Closing with another tune of Pierce's sung here by:

25. Joe Stead - Paul's Song (Pierce Pettis)
      Miles From Halifax -
       A rewriting of Corinthians 13