Gumbo Shop: Guest- James Gordon of Guelph Ontario

Thursday November 4 1999 The Gumbo Shop

Full interview can be seen at:

James works for CBC weekly basis, has many recordings for children on the state of the earth’s health, has several cd’s of his own as well as many with Tamarack as its founding and longest member.

Now that the Wyoming verdict is in, first a tune about how prejudice breads hate and the loss that results.

1. Lui Collins - (Fred Small) Guinevere and the Fire
     Stone by Stone-
     "stay away from the camp... little white girls have disappeared"

2. James Gordon Live in WJFF’s Studio : Cedar Strip

3. James Gordon Live in WJFF Studios: Minivan Rapsady

4.  James Gordon - Men Don’t Clean Toilets
      Songs From Basic Black -

5. James Gordon Live : My Sophia

6. On tape “Jim and Dave’s Awesome Environmental Adventure”
    “Don’t use what you can’t reuse, DOn’t buy what you can’t recycle
     If its something that you wouldn’t like in your backyard
     Nobody wants it in theirs.”

7.   Tamarack - Lonesome Cowboy’s Lament
      Field of Rock and Snow - Folk Era

8.  Live in the studio  James Gordon - Jumbo’s Last Ride

9.   James Gordon Live : Back Before Wal-mart
      (Used to spend the money where it was made)

10. James Gordon Live - Isn’t it Time to Go Home
      They call it playing but it feels like work. About the musician’s life.

11. Jim Henry - Sound of the Whistle Blow
       The Wayback -
       800 694 5354
      “ten hour drive, one on the stage, it is a crazy life I know”

12. Beth Ferguson - Remember Me
      Inside Talking -