Saturday Fund Drive Nov 6 99

A fund raising temptation, the first 60 pledgers get in next Sunday afternoon to a performance by the fabulous Canadian band Night Sun who have just released a new cd.

1. Nightsun - One Moment of Grace
    One Moment of Grace -

What do you do with your money? Isn't this station worth 11 cents a day?

2. John Flynn - Who’s Whose
     John Flynn -

3. Peter and Lou Berryman - Stuff Song
    Some Kinda Funny -
    “it looks like I have some more shopping to do”

4. James Gordon - Back Before Wal-Mart
     Dim Lights, Small City -
    “this store is haunted by the spirit of a town”

I mentioned that James Keelaghan had included this tune on his recording “Road” but it was pulled off by someone with cold feet. It made a good segue into supporting free speach and radio like ours where we are free to air what we like in our two hour time slot.

5.  David Wilcox - East Ashville Hardware
     East Ashville Hardware - Fresh Baked Records
    “stacks of plastic swimming pools”

7.   Christine Lavin - Prisoners of their Hairdos
      Compass - Rounder
      Another example of how some spend their money on their looks

8.   Eleanore MacDonald/Paul Kamm - From Clare to Here
       Calling on Love -
       This cd went out for a pledge from Rachel K. Thanks.

9.   James Gordon - Humline Song
      Songs From Basic Black -
      A clever song that links a line from many famous tunes you’ll wanna hum

1O. Katya Chorover - Winter
       The Clearing -
       Appearing tomorrow night at Bodles in Chester

11. Mike Silver - Let it be So
      Double Back - Faymus Rec
      POBox 748 Luton LU1748 England
      Going out to Roger B. for his pledge. Thanks.

12.  Sons of the Never Wrong - Girl Shanty
       Consequence of Speech  - Waterbug
       Dedicated to a woman from the area heading to China for her new daughter.

13. Michael McNevin - Sketch
      Sketch -
     An anti-TV tune that got much responce.
     “When you get old what will you remember?”

14.  Greg Tafidlo - What ya gonna leave
       Old Dog New Tracks -
      Will you be known for giving after you have died?

15. Trout Fishing in America - Mine
       Mine - 888 HEY TFIA

Or for just the opposite.

I shared a personal lesson from this week. I had told Beth Ferguson this summer that I love her songs and play them on WJFF. She seemed pleased. Then I shared that my partner and I sing one of her tunes and she really lit up. When I came home to tape it for her, as promised, I was never happy with the recording. I had let my intention to be perfect interfere with actually sending the tape, and as a result she never did hear the tape.

Do what you have been meaning to, today.

From her CD Inside Talking:

16.  Beth Ferguson - Break Me Open

17.  Beth Ferguson - Working on a Miracle

18.  Betty and the Baby Boomers - Bells

19.  Mark Weigle - Oz
       The Truth Is -
       "he had a great chest but nothing beating inside"

20.  Nightsun - Breathing
       One Moment of Grace -

21.  Buddy Mondlock - No Choice
       Poetic Justice -