WJFF’s Folk Plus Playlist for Saturday November 20, 1999

Interview with Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer

ON AIR:  Last weekend I attended the North East Folk Alliance where several hundred musicians, promoters, DJs, agents and venue owners gathered. One of the highlights was meeting and hearing a live duo whose album I had received unsolicited early this year. When they appeared on DJ lists every one was raving about them. They were one of the last big buzzes in the "discovery" of new folk. They were two unknowns from Portland Oregon. The writing was mythical and the music haunting. The CD was called When I Go and the artists were Dave Carter and Tracy Grammer. In February there was a full-page review in the LA times touting their excellence. I asked them about their reaction to the article.

The complete interview is at:

Check out Dave and Tracy at http://songs.com/daveandtracy
Or llpromo@teleport.com Lisa Lepine Promotion

Their first CD is called When I Go

  1. Kate and the Ghost of Lost Love
  2. Frank to Valentino
  3. Annie’s Lover
  4. Lancelot
  5. River Where She Sleeps
  6. When I Go
We had talked about music and the role it plays in life, and death being a part of life. Their tune "When I Go" had been played at funerals as Tracy said. They played it last weekend in a hotel room at the Folk Alliance Conference. They shared the time slot with a woman named Sue McClelland who followed with a moving tune called Daniel about a child’s death.

This weekend our neighborhood is struggling with the reality of the death of a 12-year-old hit by a car while walking his bike home. The sorrow is so overwhelming, I wish there were more songs available to help the living deal with death.

7. Susan McClelland - Daniel
    The Palm of Your Heart - goforbrokemusic@hotmail.com
    "you were closer to the angels that’s why they called you home…
    …they took your tiny hand"

8. Beth Ferguson - What is Mine
    Dance on the Earth -cdwhite@nortelnetworks.com
    "grief upon grief"

9. Anne Hills - Angle of the Light
   Before Their Time - http://www.beforetheirtime.com
   Remembering a friend and special moments.
   From a compilation dedicated to comfort people in mourning

10. Beth Ferguson - Remember Me
      Inside Talking  - cdwhite@nortelnetworks.com
      "I have not gone"

Appearing tonight at Orange County Community College:

11. Martin Sexton - Diggin Me
      The American - Atlantic Records
     "Just be with me"

12. Martin Sexton - Way I am
      The American - Atlantic Records
      You can change the way you are.

By request:

13. Darryl Purpose - Mr. Schwinn
      Travelers Codehttp://www.tangible-music.com
      "One of these bikes is more than a twin ... I'm saving it for my Mrs. Schwinn"

14. Wiggin Sisters (Jimmy LaFave) Desperate Men
       "Desperate men do desperate things"

15. Andy and Denise - Laughing
      Sunlight in Goodbye - http://www.andyanddenise.com
      "It’s not my fault I laugh when I’m hurt"

16. Chuck Pyle - The Remember Song
      Keeping Time By the River  – http://www.goremusic.com
      Looking for keys, wallets and who he should be meeting

17. Bruce Davies - A Wish for Me
      Life Beginshttp://www.brucedavies.com
      "don’t ever hide yourself away from me"

18. Dave Carter / Tracy Grammer Little Liza Jane
      When I Gohttp://www.//songs.com/daveandtracy