Saturday November 27 1999, Hosted by Sonja Hedlund (sitting in for Angela Page)

1. - 26. Tom Russell - Entire CD The Man From God Knows Where
              High Tone Records
              with Tom Russell, Iris Dement, Dolores Keane, Dave Van Ronk,
                      Sondre Bratland, Kari Bremnes and Walt Whitman

27. Ilene McGann - Leaving This Nation
      Turn it
      "My flesh and my bones are of Ireland’s soil"

28. Debbie Diedrich - Auf Wiedersehen/Hamburg
      Ninety Miles -
      "meine kleines liebchen"

29.  Trail Band  -Two Romanian Dances

30.  Trail Band  - Eastern Star

31.   Trail Band - Immigrant Dreams Greece
         Immigrant Dreams -