Kids memories/Darryl Purpose live’’

Saturday December 4 1999 FOLK PLUS

Playing at Bodles tonight: Darryl Purpose and David Wilcox
2nd hour guest: Darryl
Themes: Childhood joys and struggles:

1. Iris Dement - Childhood Memories
    My Life - Warner Bros.
    "Acting big behind the wheel of daddy’s car"
    "See if you remember things the way I do"

2. Freddy Bradburn - Kindergarten of Eden
    Night of the Fallen Angels - Kira Records
    "oh the places we will go"

3. Kathy Johnson - Nancy Drew
    Small Town Girl -
    "Independent and pretty too, you were my girlhood idol"

4. John McCutcheon - New Kid in School
    Autumnsongs - Rounder
    "The first day is 100 hours long"
    "I'll be glad to see my sister at home"

5. Kate Jacobs - If I had a sister
    What about Regret - Bar None Records
    "catching fish and skipping flat rocks

6. Don White - Never
    Brown Eyes Shine -
    "We will never make the feel how I feel today."

7. Kathy Fink Marcy Marxer - Everybody’s Doing It
    Parent’s Home Companion - Rounder
    "Everybody’s getting their ears pierced"

8. Steve Cohen - I Want to be a Jock
    Silent Too Long -
    "I want to take four periods of gym a day"

9. Dierdre Flint - Cheerleader
    Shuffleboard - Fadia Records
    "Cheerleading’s a sport"

10. Katherine Wheatley - He Keeps Calling Me Baby
     Habits and Heroes -
    "My brother plays hockey maybe he will wanna puck"

11. Richard Ketchel - The Hockey Tune
      Home and Away - Greentree Music
      PO Box 434 Walkerton, Ontario NOG 2VO

12. Armor & Sturtevant - Minnow
      You Dance Like You Drive - Tatema
      "The big bus-stop bullies would spit at your shirt"
      PO Box 3035 Erie PA 16508-0035

13. Kate McDonnell - Enola Gay
       Next -
      "She used to hit me after school"

14. Willie Nininger - When I was a Kid
      Almost Home - Bonetones Studio/London By Night Productions
      "We were young, we were reckless"

For the complete interview with Darryl Purpose see

Live Darryl Purpose
15.  Singer Songwriter Heaven (Kevin Faherty)

A writer that Darryl enjoys:

16. Peter Mayer - Yukon Sally and Helicopter Joe
      Bountiful - No case, no label on CD
     "Reaching the peak is not the point"

Darryl,  Live in WJFF Studios
17.  Darryl Purpose - Half Way Home
       Written with Robert Morgan Fisher

18. You Must Go Home for Christmas

19. Korea Town

20. Darryl PurposeTraveler’s Code
      Travelers Code -

21. Darryl Purpose - Ring on my hand
       Travelers Code - Tangible Music

22. John Forster - The All Purpose Holiday Carroll
       Taped January 30 1999 –

23. David Wilcox - Never Enough
       Underneath - Vanguard
       "I’ve everything I need."