Saturday December 11 1999

Today on Folk Plus I am featuring David Roth.

David lives in Seattle Washington and is a master of spinning an audience from laughter to tears. I'll begin with his tune about not needing a bag when shopping, in this season of intense buying. Something to consider- shopping with your own bag

The entire interview can be viewed at:

1. Professional Standard - Another Side of David Roth
2. I Do Not Need a Bag - Nights at the Chez
3. Fan Letter - Another Side of David Roth

We talked about his next song ideas, both sports related.  I couldn't air what was yet to be completed, but since he mentioned sneaker deals in our interview here is "The Dream" from his new release, Irreconcilable Similarities, about insisting that the sneaker deal is for sneakers that cost under $35.00.

4. The Dream - Irreconcilable Similarities
   "Make commitments dare to dream" The slogan on the sneakers.

5.  Mr. Ryan - Digging in My Closet
   "thank you for the music"

The song he would like to hear Mary Travers singing:

6.  Manual Garcia - Rising in Love
    "Diseased, feeling unlovable" you may recognize this from Chicken Soup for        the soul

7. Master's Degree - If You Can't Fly
    "Have you ever been involved with a person who studies psychotherapy?"

8. Holland - Irreconcilable Similarities
   "When we're honest, we're exhausted"
   "A different dream"

9. Rising in Love - Rising in Love
   "I'm not falling at all, I am rising in love"
    "love is the river whose waters we test"

David spoke about huggy stories that he developed into songs.  The following story and song were not motivated by each other but make a good match. I read an article entitled "Man finds $1,800 in thrift store pants"

10. Michael McNevin - Secondhand Story
    Secondhand Story - P.O. Box 5062 Pleasanton CA 94566
    Finding letters from brother to brother, in a thrift shop bag.

More on giving back:

11. Heidi Muller - Arrowhead
    Giving Back - Cascadoa  P.O.Box 95884 Seattle WA 98145
    "The joy isn't always in the things you hold but in giving back in some   small way"

Two tunes about realizing during this busy season.

12. Magpie - Safe Harbor
    Give Light -
    "In you I have safe harbor, a refuge from the storm"

13.  Mark Weigle - Take Your Shoulder From the Wheel
     The Truth Is -
     "I know how strong your shoulder can be"

Like Jesus, Ilene was born a Jew, but follows a "crusty God is Love" type religion:

14. Ilene Weiss - Talking To the Wrong Guy
    Weiss Christmas - P.O. Box 59 NYC 10012
    "Santa's just like other men" Don't talk to him.

15. Ilene Weiss - A Minute After Midnight
    Weiss Christmas - P.O. Box 59 NYC 10012
    "was someone born to save this town?"

During David's interview I aired the letter he had received from a fan who used his CD in the operating room while having foot surgery:

16. Christine Lavin - Music To Operate By
    Shining My Flashlight on the Moon -
    As the song fades, her distant counting backwards does too
    as she ends "Blue Cross, why do you ask?"

17. Artisan - Paper Angels
    Paper Angels -
    10 Park Head, Birdsedge, Huddersfield HD8 8XW

18. Laurie Lewis and Tom Razum - The Messenger
    Winter's Grace -
    "The good lord had struck a spark"

19. Herdman, Hills and Mangsen - Raise the Dead of Wintertime
    Voices of winter -
    "We'll get up at the break of day and hitch the Morgan to the sleigh"

20. NightSun - Parrish Waltz
    One Moment of Grace - Borealas