Saturday Dec 18 1999

1. Laura Smith - My Gate’s Wide Open
    It’s a Personal Thing - CornerMuse
    Box 34105 Scotia Square Postal Outlet,
    Scotia Square, Halifax, Nova Scotia B3JIN0
    “I’ve got a dream beyond the dateline”

2. Richard Shindell - Reunion Hill
    Reunion Hill -
   “I cleaned the brow of many a soldier”

3. Erica Wheeler - January Wind
    Three Wishes -
    800 694 5354      “The snow’s starting to stick”

4. Chuck Pyle - Here Comes the Water
    Step By Step - Bee ‘n Flower Music
     Box 385 Eldorado Springs CO 80025
     “My car won’t move, the mud is up to the windows....”

5. Cosy Sheridan - Too Much Time
    Quietly Led - Waterbug
    “I drive too far to think there’s no place like home”

6. Darryl Purpose - Dangerous Game
    Same River Twice -
    “They don’t know from danger”

7. Annie Gallup - It’s Dangerous Charlie
     Courage My Love -
    “No way to count what’s lost”

8. Terry Tufts - You Said
     From Where I Sit - Blue Northern Records
     "The only way you felt good about yourself was to make me feel small.

9. Carla Ulbrich - What If Your Girlfriend Was Gone
      Her Fabulous Debut - A Major Record Label
      P O Box 42 Clemson, SC 29633
     “I was just wondering hypothetically”

10. Tom Payne  - Thirty Pieces Of Silver
      Ten Lucky Pennies - Waterbug
     “for 30 pieces of silver, Judas gave Jesus away”

11. Annie Clark - Orono
      A Light for Liza -
      “she barely beat the train up in Orona”

12. Michael McNevin - 2 ft ahead of the Train
      Sketch -
     A feeling for this time of year

13. Laurie McClain - I Want To Be Like You
      Child Behind My Eyes - Kindred Voices Music
      POBox 23963 Nashville, TN 37202
      “you know what you are doing here”

14. Deborah Holland - Book of Survival
      Book of Survival -
    “You were once a child, imagine that”

15. Julie Miller - Broken Things
      Broken Things -
     220 4th St Oakland, CA 94607
     “I heard that you make old things new”

16. Cindy Kallet - Mouse’s Dream
      Dreaming Down a Quiet Line -

17. New Middle Class - 1999.9
      1999.9 - 2nd Mortgage Records
      PO Box 708 Jefferson Valley NY 10535
      “That kiss will mark the end of time”

18. Don Conoscenti - Drink Another Round
      Mysterious Light -     “Is liquid the only remedy?”

19. Buddy Miller - Cruel Moon
      Cruel Moon -

20. Dierdre Flint - I’m Single
       Shuffleboard Queens -
       “I’m single and loving it”

21. Tom Lips - Far Saskatchewan
       Made of Sky -
     “You’ll understand why my thoughts still fly”

22. Connie Kaldor - Prairie Moon
      Small Cafe - Coyote Entertainment Group
      Box 51541 669 Tacherean Blvd Greenfield Pk QCJ4V3N8
      “Who needs a dream? Everybody”

23. Andy & Denise - Sunlight in Goodbye
      Sunlight in Goodbye - LittleMeMusic
      “I’d rather be a happy failure living whats inside of me”

24. James Keelaghan - The Ones who Made Home
       Small Rebellions -
      An anthem for those who made somewhere called home.

25. Ilene Weiss - Santa Rap
      Weiss Christmas -
      POBox 5321 Burlington VT 05402

26. Trout Fishing In America - After You’ve Gone
      Closer to the Truth - 888 HEY TFIA
      “I’ll be my own man as soon as I can get up off my knees”
      “I’ll have more closet space, after you’ve gone”

27. Wyrd Sisters - Raw Voice
       Raw Voice
      “There are places you can go to and never return”

28. Judith Zweiman - Heart on Ice
      Look at the Moon -
      “there is an ache inside that I never show”

29. Jubilant Bridge - Before You Fly
      Under Shattered Skies - POBox 102695 Denver CO.80210
      “You never dreamed you’d be holding up the sky”