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Jack Hardy: Love Brings You Home
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  This show originally aired Saturday March 26, 2011 - 15 days after Jack's passing
and was re-aired at the 10 year anniversary of his passing.

I can be contacted for anyone wishing to air the special by contacting

Angela Page
- Short bio and introduction from  [musical background: instrumental on Three Sisters  - Tinker's Coin - Great Divide Records -]
Jack Hardy - "My name is Jack Hardy and these are a few of my tunes" - [ intro picking of Pondersa fades out]

Terre Roche on meeting Jack in Pittsburgh in 1974
Jack Hardy - The Roche sisters  invited him to the New York music scene
Jack Hardy - [Portion] Night on the Town

Maggie Roche says that they traveled together out west and he came to live in New York
Jack Hardy - Tree of Rhyme –  Landmark - Big Pink Music [Korean Box Set]

Jack Hardy says he was "born in Indiana, and grew up in Colorado, and Connecticut..."

Ewart Skinner – Assistant editor to University of Hartford's student paper "The Liberated Press" where Jack was arrested for libeling Nixon. Jack was community
Jack Hardy - I Oughta Know - Omens - 1 800 Prime CD
Nancy Baxter - I met Jack at 19 yrs old, remembers him at Folk City with his cape, he was knowledgeable and leading the post Dylan scene

Lucy Kaplansky - an iconic figure in the 70's 80's folk boom, there wouldn't have been a scene without Jack

Jack Hardy - All Saints' Eve - The Nameless One- 1 800 Prime CD

Frank Mazzetti - rules on the songwriter's circle

Stan Rogers – Stan mentions the songwriter circle, from WFDU

Christine Lavin - thankful to Dave Van Ronk for introducing her to Jack, who showed her how working

Angela Page - 1979 we went to Ireland and tracked down everything we could about James Clarence Mangan

Jack Hardy - An Bael Bacht - Songs of Jack Hardy Vol 1 of the White Goddess - BCN Records

Jay Rosen  - "Jack always told me he'd be more famous after he was dead
Tom Duval-  I saw many folks crowded Jack, wanting something from him, Tom promised himself he wouldn't ask - he didn't ask for any of the riches Jack eventually offered to him

Jack Hardy -The Changing Wind - The Hunter - Great Divide
SuzanneVega- Jack had a gift for melody

Roy Champagne- fan of the Everly Brothers, and singing with his brothers made that evident from the beginning

Jack and Gordon Hardy JR. - [Portion]  End of the Road - Early and Rare - 1 800 Prime CD

Jack Hardy with Jeff and Chris Hardy - Ruins - Live - Big Pink Music [Korean Box Set]

Tim Robinson - there's no one to compare him to, poetry and word sounds first  - meaning comes later

Roy Champagne - he hated the music business

Jack Hardy - if "Beethoven were alive today, he'd be writing jingles
John Gorka - Jack was the first person I met who wrote on a schedule

Jack Hardy - Blackberry Pie - Tinker's Coin - Great Divide Records -

Mark Dann - owes being a recording engineer to Jack, he gave me the viability on the scene taping Fast Folk

Hugh O'Doherty - coast guard rescue pilot, tweaked Ship Of Fools song to a verse of ship of fuels
Jack Hardy introduces Mike Laureanno

Mike Laureano- we need to remember Jack is a formidable artist which gets eclipsed as he was the force behind Fast Folk
. He should be covered by other artists

Jack Hardy - [portion] Ain't I a Woman - solo demo not released

Jack Hardy - [portion] Ain't I a Woman - live from New Bedford festival with Mike and Morgan Hardy

Jack Hardy introduces of Kate MacCleod

Kate MacCleod - gorgeous metaphor for humanities depth

David Massengill - the songwriter I most admire in this world

Jack Hardy - [portion of ] White Shoes - White Shoes - 1 800 Prime CD

Anthony DaCosta- Jack called me grasshopper, I looked up to him as a mentor

Jack Hardy - [portion] Willie Goggin's Hat - Tinker's Coin -
Abbie Gardner-any songs I write from now on will be without his guidance and inspiration,  "don't forget to write" so that's what I'm going to try to do

Angela Page - He worked from advent to Easter '82 writing 13 songs for the Janus church service, with reverend Stone
Jane Orcutt - speaks on Peacemaker Players who performed Jack's plays in churches, county college and local theatres

Jack Hardy - The Knights Dream - Collected Works Of Jack Hardy - 

Angela Page - an opera singer from Vienna dedicates her night show to Jack as his was the first song she ever sang on a stage

Brian Rose - he was an Irish mystic, and a cowboy rustic, but living with artists in NYC, his career leveled off, but writing never stop growing

Roy Champagne - Rio Bravo was his favorite western, he would have liked to have been a singing cowboy

Jack Hardy - Go Tell the  Savior -  Early and Rare - 1 800 Prime Cd

Angela Page - Jack toured extensively overseas for almost 40 years, where he was incredibly popular

Jack Hardy - [portion] Dover To Dunkirk  - The Nameless One - 1 800 Prime Cd

Kirk Sie - before he knew it he was on a plane with two Hardys, a borrowed bass and a rented station wagon

Angela Page - Jack knew over a dozen songs in Gaelic, he'd memorize a verse at a time on long walks with his dog Brogabhan
Jack Hardy singing in Irish while driving with family to yearly rental in Ireland

Angela Page - his last trip overseas, he performed for the last time

Pat Maloney- Jack had no idea how sick he was, but he never stopped, nobody knew how bad he was feeling, 

Jack Hardy - Ponderosa - Last Performed Song in public taped on 01/21/11 by Pat Maloney at McCarthy's Bar in Dingle, County Kerry, Ireland  
Angela Page - Slan abhaile