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Saturday August 23, 2008 : Summerfolk highlights

August 15, 16, 17 on Kelso Beach in Owen Sound, Ontario Canada, was the 2008 Summerfolk.
View my photo album from Owen Sound
See the second setlist from SummerFolk2008 here.
1.  The Cottars - Miss Casey Medly
Forerunner - Rounder

Mike Ford and Angela      Terice
2,   Mike Ford & wife Terice intro to I've Been Everywhere
Canada Needs You (Volume One) -
3.  Campers intro to Campers on Workshops

David Roth and Angela
4.  David Roth intro to Ahmed
Practice Makes Progress - Wind River
5.  Arrogant Worms intro to Big Box Store
Torpid -
Arrogant Worms and Angela
Modern Man
6.  Modern Man intro to Folk Music In The Nude
Assisted Living - Inverted Turtle
7.  Connie Kaldor intro to Thats What Mothers Do
Sky With Nothing To Get In The Way   -
Connie Kaldor and band

8.  Vent Du Nord intro to Rosette
Dans Les Airs - Borealis
9.  Harry Manx, a story from India
Harry Manx intro to Point Of Purchase Intro
Mantras For Madmen - Dog My Cat Records
Harry Manx
David Carr
10.  David Carr talks about the Stan Rodgers stage
11.  Ariana Gilis intro to Chemical Intro
Ariana Gillis -
Arianna Gillis and John
David Amram and John
12.   David Amram intro to Kentucky Southern Gentleman       
Southern Stories - Chrome
13. Jory Nash intro to Long Black Funeral Train
Folk Jazz Blues & Soul - Thin Man Records

14. Stephen Fearing Whoville  Yellowjacket - True North
It's Noon   Mike Ford
15.  Kim and Reggie Harris intro to Down By The Riverside
"Get On Board! Underground Railroad & Civil Rights Freedom Songs - Appleseed Records
Kim and Reggie Harris
House of Doc
16.  House Of Doc intro to Flying With The King
East Of West
17.   Stephen Fearing intro to Johnny's Lament Intro
Yellowjacket - True North
Stephen Fearing and Angela
Toby Walker 18.  Toby Walker intro to Your Buggy Dont Ride Intro
Hand Picked - Band in the Hand Records
19.  Tom Leighton intro to Point Du Sheen Girl
Hand To Hand - Borealis

Twihlight Hotel
20.  Twilight Hotel intro to If It Don't Kill You Intro
Highway Prayer -
21.  David Gillis intro to Come To Me
When You've Got A Dream -
David Gillis with Ara=iana, John and James

22.   Eve Goldberg intro to Leaving Nova Scotia Blues
A Kinder Season
- Borealis
23.   Sara Hickman intro to Life
Spirtual Appliances - Shanachie
Sara Hickman and Angela
James Gordon  Evan and Geordi Gordon
24.  James Gordon intro to His Boys
Evan & Geordi Gordon intro to their Dad
James Gordon intro to Levee's Broken
Nine Green Bottles - Borealis
25.  Natalia Zuckerman intro to Brand New Frame
Brand New Frame - Weasel Records
Natalia Zuckerman and Sara Hickman

26.  McDades intro to The Whistle Blower
Bloom -
27. Richard Knitchel Wraps Up 
Richard Knitchel
David, Kim and Reggie
28.  Kim and Reggie Harris and David Roth sing  Hydro Powered Radio